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Gdansk Lech Walesa Airport

Gdansk, Poland
4.5 / 11
Gdansk Lech Walesa Airport
Address:ul. Juliusza Słowackiego 200, Gdańsk
Phone:+48 52 567 35 31

Joanna Kethelyi

Great airport, just big enough. Great shops and restaurants. Very clean, polite staff

Sebastian Koszewski

Really quick service in this difficult time. Accessible from train bus etc. Still few shops open even early in the morning. Great airport

Wojtek Krzykwa

For the first time, the security check officer was a happy guy who actually smiled, so it's getting better ?

Michal K

It's a nice airport and have all you need and you can do some shopping at a premium (airport) price: still water 6.50 polish zloty what translates to .. Read more »

Adam Kud

Nice,elegant,spacious airport. Very good architectural design.Easy to follow signs everywhere.

Joanna Kethelyi

Great airport, just big enough. Great shops and restaurants. Very clean, polisy staff

Kasia Janus

2 parts of the airport - one nice and new the other quite opposite. If you are foreigner be prepared gor long passport check- never seen anything like.. Read more »

Joseph GF

One of my favorite airport of all the airports I have been through (23 different international Airport). It is rather clean, cozy, the circulation by .. Read more »


Nice airport. The airport is beautiful and understandable. There are many smokers and waiting areas inside. Nice staff.

Milena Kostadinova

Small, but very good organized airport. Good shops, bars and restaurants. I liked very much, there is a point, where if you have an empty bottle, you .. Read more »

SEM English

The airport itself is nice, very clean most people who work there are nice. MOST OF THEM! My only main complaint would be the money exchange. I exchan.. Read more »

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