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Gate of Europe

Madrid, Spain
4.5 / 6
Two skyscrapers-towers in the Plaza de Castia, built at an angle of 15 ° to the base surface. The houses were designed by American architects D. Berdzhikh and F. Johnson in 1996. The height of the tower reaches 114 meters and can accommodate 25 floors, on the roofs are private helipads. This monument has become a symbol of modern Madrid.
Gate of Europe
Address:Paseo de la Castellana, 216, Madrid
Phone:+34 913 53 44 00


The Gate of Europe towers, AKA KIO towers, are twin buildings, leaned against one another . Now this leaned tower is owned by Bank Realia. One must ha.. Read more »


I mean it's cool looking but there's really nothing to see other than that.

George a.k.a Kuhlin

A simbolic place that you have to visit if you come to Madrid. The Kio Towers offer a spectacular view with the obelisk in between. You should try the.. Read more »

Guillermo Lambertini

Great place to work and nice architectural design

J Sk

Huge and impressive size buildings in comparison to the surrounding area

Jeremiah Akers

I like this plaza. It is a nice transport hub with interesting buildings and plenty of fast food options.

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