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Gardiner Museum

Toronto, Canada
4.7 / 23
The exposition was founded in 1984. The museum's collection is entirely devoted to ceramics and areas related to this craft. The basis was a private collection of ceramic products by the Gardiner spouses. Now in museum collections there are about 3 thousand exhibits. Here are collected samples of ceramics of ancient Indian tribes, the Renaissance, Japanese and Chinese porcelain, English dishes and much more.
Address:111 Queens Park, Toronto
Phone:+1 416-586-8080

Small museum with a very interesting collection of ceramics and porcelain from many different cultures and centuries. I really enjoyed it. There is a .. Read more »
The 2nd floor exhibition is very well thought-through. The flow is great. Excellent display. I went back several times! The patio is lovely as well.
Collection -They had a large varieties of pottery from around the world. I was impressed by the pieces but also the conservation. They look like they .. Read more »
If you like ceramics, this is a must-see. It's a small museum, but beautifully laid out and curated with great love and care. Every display is eye-c.. Read more »
Another great museum and heritage site of Toronto’s. Often overlooked, but it’s a hidden gem with many interesting collections. Great place if you’ve .. Read more »
Was blown away by this collection. If you have any interest in aesthetics of any kind you will thoroughly enjoy this museum. Highly recommended.
Such a unique and beautiful collection of ceramics. The first floor consists of pottery from the Americas and some new exhibits. The second floor has .. Read more »
I love this museum for its intimate feeling and calm spaces. The view from the restaurant is simple yet stunning. The garden out front is welcoming an.. Read more »
This is a smaller Museum and there is lots to see for sure. But my friend and I noticed that the curation wasn't very great and didn't speak to the di.. Read more »
The Gardiner Museum is a hidden gem in the city of Toronto. It has a collection of pottery, sculptures and other ceramics, spanning different places .. Read more »
For whatever reason I had never been before, and it's such a gem! Given the behemoth that is the ROM across the street, it's easy to miss, but a reall.. Read more »
I can’t believe the number of times I’ve been to the ROM and didn’t even know this gem of a museum existed so close! I went in to see the pieces creat.. Read more »
A terrific museum, a definite "must visit" for all interested in history of art and trade, as well as global cultures. Great exhibitions, truly nice n.. Read more »
The family loved it...we got an opportunity to make things with Clay. And the museum had 3 floors and there was also a scavenger hunt for kids to keep.. Read more »
Good collection of clay art and porcelain from around the world. Civilizations including South American, North American, Asian and European were inclu.. Read more »
A nice, small, polished, meticulous museum for all age groups! If you love ceramics, you'd definitely enjoy a visit to Gardiner Museum. Went with my s.. Read more »
Our first time visiting this museum. It's free admission at present, only 2 floors open. Very nice inside, however it is nothing special. Restaurant l.. Read more »
I enjoyed the porcelain collection. As well as atmosphere inside, lovely cafe, gift shop and a bird clay experience!))
Great museum. Once again fascinating how someone’s passion created such a beauty. Probably museum is more interesting for adults, than kids. But check.. Read more »
A calm environment with historical, artistic and cultural exhibits. Relaxing music while you learn and discover.
We had a good experience with the family event being held on Sundays. The art exhibition is really interesting. We found the Clay restaurant a bit exp.. Read more »
Always a fantastic place to learn more about pottery, ceramics and clay making. The facilities are top notch and so are the exhibits
Drop-in pottery sessions (when they were available) were great. Lots of people though so need to book early.
The Gardiner Museum is a hidden gem in the city of Toronto. It has a collection of pottery, sculptures and other ceramics, spanning different places .. Read more »
From the moment you enter this museum a feeling of calm falls over you.
Great loved working with clay at the clay studio... fun for the little one
A very diverse collection from different time periods and cultures. Modern and ancient. A great place to have a quick visit.
Wonderful well lit with social distancing
beautiful museum--but toooooo small.
Interesting museum. Good for family evening or weekend destination. Not as huge as ROM, so you won't be tired after it. The museum has many interestin.. Read more »
A wonderful, creative and educational museum for families, individuals and creative folks of all ages. The museum is situated right in the heart of t.. Read more »
This place was awesome. Beautiful porcelain & ceramics collections. Great experience. Atmosphere was good.