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Gardiner Museum

Toronto, Canada
4.6 / 8
The exposition was founded in 1984. The museum's collection is entirely devoted to ceramics and areas related to this craft. The basis was a private collection of ceramic products by the Gardiner spouses. Now in museum collections there are about 3 thousand exhibits. Here are collected samples of ceramics of ancient Indian tribes, the Renaissance, Japanese and Chinese porcelain, English dishes and much more.
Gardiner Museum
Address:111 Queens Park, Toronto
Phone:+1 416-586-8080

Harry Bradley

The Gardiner Museum is a hidden gem in the city of Toronto. It has a collection of pottery, sculptures and other ceramics, spanning different places .. Read more »

Jason Redden

From the moment you enter this museum a feeling of calm falls over you.

Hamdan Ali

Great loved working with clay at the clay studio... fun for the little one

Queena Huang

A very diverse collection from different time periods and cultures. Modern and ancient. A great place to have a quick visit.

Cecilia Steeper

Wonderful well lit with social distancing

Henrys' Vlog

beautiful museum--but toooooo small.

Margarita Koroleva

Interesting museum. Good for family evening or weekend destination. Not as huge as ROM, so you won't be tired after it. The museum has many interestin.. Read more »


A wonderful, creative and educational museum for families, individuals and creative folks of all ages. The museum is situated right in the heart of t.. Read more »

Jeanette Tracy

This place was awesome. Beautiful porcelain & ceramics collections. Great experience. Atmosphere was good.

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