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Friendship of Nations Arch

Kyiv, Ukraine
4.9 / 9
The Arch of Friendship of Peoples is a sculptural composition in Kiev on the territory of Khreschaty Park in honor of "the union of Ukraine with Russia." Tsim term was called pleasing, adopted at Pereyaslavskiy Radio in 1654 rots.
Friendship of Nations Arch
Friendship of Nations Arch
Friendship of Nations Arch
Address:Паркова дорога, Київ
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Alex Vikstrom

What a view! Sensational. Review stretches for miles. An insanely gorgeous view of the river and the city. I think I want to try and go tonight maybe.. Read more »

Andrew Kingsolver

Some really spectacular views here. The pedestrian bridge is very close, and it looks stunning at night. When I went during the evening, there was som.. Read more »

Elsonian K

Very scenic location to gain broad vistas of the lower city and right bank. Interesting and long history of the "Russians" and "Moskivites" leading t.. Read more »


From far away this place just looks surreal, and when you're right below it.. it feels majestic. Went there at night on my first day and it was just a.. Read more »

Ojo Emmanuel

Friendship of nation arch is stunning to see. The imposing silvery arch is on a mountain. A huge statue is besides it. There are many exciting activit.. Read more »


Amazing place to go for a walk and see the view of great city of Kyiv. I loved the Arc of International Friendship which got cracked in 2014 after Rus.. Read more »

Farhan Noushad

The Friendship of Nations Monument is a giant metal parabola celebrating the 1654 'unification' of Russia and Ukraine. It's on an elevated plaza with .. Read more »


Spectacular views from here. There is terraced seating so you can chill and people watch and take in the view. There are a number of statues dotted ab.. Read more »

Alaa Hassan Mesopotamia

A great iconic historical monument that reveals the period in which Ukraine was part of the USSR , unfortunately some modifications were done for .. Read more »

John Belfort

The People's Friendship Arch is an amazing architectural creation that has been decorating Khreshchaty Park since 1982. The monument was built in hono.. Read more »

Tim Zimmerman

The new pedestrian bridges connect the park to other key parks, greatly improving the running and bicycling opportunities in the area. Cross to Hydro .. Read more »

Tanya Bulakh

Cool place to chill out with your friends and family, have a nice walk towards the city center or one of the parks, have something to eat and enjoy th.. Read more »

ki777iz wtf (ki777iz.wtf)

Beautiful monument sadly staind by politics...

Alina Virstiuk

Good place to watch sunrise/enjoy the view of the left side/Trukhaniv island/Podil and Dnipro river. Great for a romantic/friendly walk or just to spe.. Read more »

Anna Hula

Favorite place in Kyiv to enjoy sunsets ☀️

Qazi Obaid

One of the best place to visit if you are in kiev..

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