Frederik's Church

Copenhagen, Denmark
4.7 / 10
The temple began to be built in the XVIII century in a pompous Baroque style, but the work dragged on for almost 150 years due to lack of funds. At the end of the 19th century, it was possible to find the necessary amount and finish the construction, but they had to abandon expensive Norwegian marble and use cheaper limestone. The church is crowned by a huge dome with a diameter of 31 meters. The temple is named after King Frederick V, since the monarch himself laid the first stone in its foundation.
Frederik's Church
Address:Frederiksgade 4, København
Phone:+45 33 91 27 06


Very interesting church. Interior is so calm and the same time is really beautiful. The huge dome is very impressive. You should visit this church, because you can pray here and feel very quiet and peaceful atmosphere.


Really great Church in the historical center, right next to the royal palace. If you are sightseeing, this will appear on your route anyway. Definitely with checking it out, although the exterior is more stunning than the interior, so don't feel sad .. Read more »


A very beautiful building that to me is an architectural marvel... I know we have many examples of this throughout the world, but everytime I see a structure this old with such an amazing construction it blows me away. The dome seems impossibly high .. Read more »


Excellent architecture in this entire area. Very Danish and from its golden period. Plenty of room for a peaceful sightseeing.


Eye-catching, aesthetic landmark that one cannot miss from Amalienborg. A beautiful church from the outside but felt underwhelmed when I entered. Great for pictures nonetheless :)


As far as churches go it isn’t the best I’ve seen but it was really very beautiful. It gave a very calming presence as it should and was beautifully constructed. I felt safe and at ease as one should in the house of god and it was a nice sight to tak.. Read more »


A very beautiful place. A church is small but the architecture outside and inside is definitely worth seeing. Outside it is a very beautiful and recognizable building. Inside, it is very beautiful with great vibes place. The church is small and it t.. Read more »


I would say that the whole square is a little hidden Jewel of Copenhagen, maybe a little too much covers by other buildings not only has a style that is not easy to find anywhere else in the city but it also give you the vibe of a throwback in time i.. Read more »


My favorit church in Europe. The rounded shape gives diversity and just a wonderful welcoming atmospheres. I have chosen not to upload a pic because you have to feel and see this place in real life


I just finished with seeing Amalienborg Palace and I was heading towards Rosenborg Castle when I saw this church and stepped in. Apparently it was in ruins for 150 years before being finished! It has a beautiful dome area, and when I was there the or.. Read more »


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