Frederic Chopin Museum

Warsaw, Poland
4.3 / 7
Frederic Chopin is a well-known Polish composer whose career was connected with Warsaw. The museum exposition consists of items belonging to the musician. In addition to letters, musical scores, and personal items, you can see the piano here, behind which the master worked. In addition to the traditional exhibition, there is a multimedia exhibition where you can find out about the details of the biography of Chopin.
Frederic Chopin Museum
Address:Pałac Gnińskich, 00-368, Okólnik 1, Warszawa
Phone:+48 22 441 62 51
Hours:monday: Closed tuesday: 11:00–20:00 wednesday: 11:00–20:00 thursday: 11:00–20:00 friday: 11:00–20:00 saturday: 11:00–20:00 sunday: 11:00–20:00

Marla Theil

You should bring some time with you, it's beautiful

Lajos Kocsis

Very nice museum with a comprehensive exhibition, covering multiple aspects of Chopin’s life as well as the contemporary Polish history. If you like h.. Read more »

Sarah Leong

The museum didn't engage me. Lots of reading rather than interactive exhibits. Coronavirus had caused restrictions though.


Very modern museum, lots of interactive touch screens with info text and photos representing Chopin's life. Mandatory for all classical music lovers! .. Read more »

Bernat Ibáñez

Although all the stands with headphones were shut down due to coronavirus, it still was a magical experience. With patience, one gets to know who Chop.. Read more »

Nisha Dream

This is a must-go when in Warsaw. Free entrance on Wednesdays. Chopin's compositions can be heard upon entrance wich puts you in a great mood.

Abraham Briseño Moreno

I wasn't fully aware of Chopin's life and career so this museum was perfect to get to know more about his life and what inspired his work. It is super.. Read more »

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