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Munich, Germany
4.6 / 17
Munich Catholic Cathedral with the main tower 99 meters high. According to city law, it is forbidden to erect buildings above the Frauenkirche (this decision is temporary, adopted in 2004 at a popular vote). Worked on the construction of the temple in the XIV-XV centuries. It was assumed that it will accommodate 20 thousand parishioners, although the population of the city in those centuries was only 13 thousand people.
Address:Frauenplatz 12, München
Phone:+49 89 2900820

Lavin hub

I read the history of this church, it was a place full of peace.

hanif amin

A must-see in Munich for all tourists and visitors! A magnificent cathedral with impressive Gothic architecture located in the heart of the city, whic.. Read more »

Yasaman Shirazi moghadam

I liked it it was simple and good feeling

Brandon Noble

Great church, very old, you can visit at any time - not at night, though.

Samuel Stephen

Not the largest when it comes to similar structures but it was an experience to see and appreciate the solemn atmosphere with many beautiful figures. .. Read more »

billy watson

Many hidden signs ..... interesting

Boyko TK

An exciting experience during Mass in a remarkable Bavarian Catholic church - one of the symbols of Munich.

Anastasia Tsoukala

A must visit place in Munich. There is no entrance fee. This church is considered to be the "Eiffel Tower" of the city. It has also a secret chappel i.. Read more »

Theo Cheslerean

Historical landmark and important part of the Munich skyline. If you buy a fridge magnet, it should definitely contain Frauenkirche

Harshith Gowda

Munich's attractions

Vỹ Nguyễn

The old church was replaced in the 18th century by a larger Baroque Lutheran building. It is considered an outstanding example of Protestant sacred ar.. Read more »


Such a holy place to calm yourself after surrounded by the noise outside of the town.

Zoe Ryan

Beautiful church, enjoyed the devil's foot, and be sure to look to the ceiling to see the faces on the roof


Love this church especially if it’s less busy. Just come here to enjoy the silence and sometimes they play music in there it’s really nice. A must see.. Read more »

Going Keep

Great place to visit. The church inside is very quite and peaceful. Of course as a tourist, must to see the devil foot print. I never imaged that my f.. Read more »

Andrew Germain

A wonderful church and a great place to visit. The inside has vast vaulted ceilings with intricate carvings. Some areas are restricted access dependin.. Read more »

Denis Bartovski

Because of local height limits, the church towers are widely visible. According to the narrow outcome of a local plebiscite, city administration prohi.. Read more »

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