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★ 4.3

Fortress of St. Elizabeth

Kropyvnytskyy, Ukraine
4.3 / 20
Address:вулиця Ушакова, 1, Кропивницький
Hours:monday: Open 24 hours tuesday: Open 24 hours wednesday: Open 24 hours thursday: Open 24 hours friday: Open 24 hours saturday: Open 24 hours sunday: Open 24 hours

בצלאל אבנון

A beautiful and invested park. Very impressive huge sculptures. A wonderful place for photography

Радион Яременко

The star fortress, such a fortresses in the world a lot. It seems that once in the world was a single, united civilization.

Дарья Дьяченко

Very cool ... It's really interesting to see if you delve into history.

Ju lia

I didn’t understand before why it was the “shafts” on the plain, that these were trenches on the same heap, I also couldn’t believe it, when I started.. Read more »

Serg75 Sergey

Historical place. It was from this fortress that our city began!

Nadia Stoliarova

This is the most real place of power, in fact, according to history, physics, bioenergy, philosophy, metaphysics, and the same logic of any inhabitant.. Read more »

Aleksandr Aleksandr

If you're expecting something special, then ... don't wait. The place will interest people interested in ancient architecture and history in general. .. Read more »

Олеся Чалая

Fortress ramparts remained in this place! It is from them that the history and construction of the city began !!! Great beautiful place, monuments to .. Read more »

Олександр Мосенко

from the fortress earthen ramparts on which you can walk and quite deep ditches. I did not find anything worthy of special attention.

Вадим Войтик

There was nothing left but weeds overgrown with weeds.


Nice, few people. You can see a photo of the heroes of the Soviet Union and lay flowers on them

Sergey Markin

This could be called the "disappointment of the year"! Instead of a fortress, there are several earthen ramparts, a park and a couple of cannons witho.. Read more »

Katia Vlasova

A fortress without a fortress. Something in the name of this place is wrong. The place is represented by ramparts and two cannons. And also a huge mon.. Read more »

Music Box

Unfortunately, the historical place of Kropyvnytskyi no longer exists, but there is an alley of heroes of the Second World and Russian aggression. The.. Read more »

Александр Визуал

Interesting and cozy place. Has its own mesmerizing spirit.

Оксана Цветкова

Here is the Walk of Fame to the fallen ATO soldiers

Dalida Bure

Clean enough. The complex is great.??? People who use flower stands as stands for disposable cups spoil the view. .?

потому, что могу!

The location is very interesting, I recommend visiting once there was a beautiful park) now there is a monument to Pirogov on the territory of the hos.. Read more »

allladinlibra allladinlib

There is almost nothing left of the fortress. Since there is a hospital in the barracks and headquarters, it is impossible to see what is left!

Максим Емельянцев

An interesting historical place. Could make a tourist attraction. In the middle of the city hospital in the houses of former barracks. Monument to the.. Read more »

Павел Пузырь

Очень чисто и красиво и познавательно A local expert is a person who knows the history of his city. Which tend to learn and develop. This is a person .. Read more »

Vatslav Yehurnov

A well-preserved large scale earthworks from 18th century