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Flatiron Building

New York, USA
4.8 / 36
The construction of an unusual form, nicknamed "Iron." The design really resembles an iron, as it has a sharp frontal angle and facades diverging in different directions. A completely new perspective opens up from different sides - it looks like either a column or a ship. The height of the structure reaches 82 meters. At the beginning of the 20th century, the Flatiron Building housed the consulate of the Russian Empire.
Address:175 5th Avenue, New York

Nice place it’s a landmark have a-lot celebrate and famous people come nice view daytime and nice time difference beautiful better come in the evening.. Read more »
Building magnate Amos Ano set up a projecting screen with magic lanterns on a building at the precise spot where later the Flatiron skyscraper would .. Read more »
Unfortunately they were doing construction on it when we went to see it. Still such an iconic building. And it still photographs well even while under.. Read more »
One of America's best known skyscrapers. Designed by Chicago architect Daniel Burnham. This is a must see for any architecture fan.
Beautiful piece of historical architecture. I've always wanted to see it, but now that I'm here, it's under repair. What are you gonna do? It's still .. Read more »
Very cool building to have a look at and it is quite an old one aswell. It's unique shape let's it stand out from the other buildings around. Not sure.. Read more »
Offering many of city’s best restaurants and shops set amid classic New York architecture, the Flatiron District is no longer under the tourist radar... Read more »
This building was on my bucket list and I can finally say I visited the Flatiron. It's a spectacular area and sight to behold. Please definitely go an.. Read more »
Flatiron building was amazing ? I wish I would have seen it during the day It was decorated very beautifully the building is very recognizable once yo.. Read more »
This is a must see really. I mean in spite of the scaffolding and all the mess that would typically characterize New York this is a piece of architect.. Read more »
A famous building in the middle of New York. It’s one of the city’s iconic buildings. Another good spot for photos. It locates next to a park and a co.. Read more »
This is a classic place for photographs and is a highly attractive place for tourists + locals. There are many places to sit down around the building... Read more »
In November, unfortunately, I was not lucky enough to be able to admire this building in all its beauty. The building is under construction, which is .. Read more »
This is a beautiful piece of history that is named after the formation of the roads it sits on. With a great history of controversy it's great for any.. Read more »
It’s currently having some exterior work done so there’s scaffolding on the best bits. Gave it 5 stars anyways cause it’s my favorite building in NYC.
The building is iconic and worth seeing if you are in the area. The plaza had live music which was great. A pleasant oasis.
I do love the flatiron building but you can barely recognize it now. it is wrapped in scaffolding on all sides now and has been under heavy renovatio.. Read more »
Awesome service at the old Sprint Mobile (now the new, Magenta T-Mobile store! They even retained the cream of the crop, super-knowledgeable, Sprint .. Read more »
I liked it. i thought its cool. Would i go out if my way to see this - no. But would i take a pic if its on my way... sure. Its a unique looking build.. Read more »
This is worth seeing if you are in the area. A well known historical building. I wouldn't prioritise it over most other famous buildings in New York b.. Read more »
It is a beautiful building in Manhattan. Unfortunately in May 2021 that we visited NYC it was all covered with scaffolds that diminished the beauty of.. Read more »
The flatiron building is amazingly huge and historical. I love the shape! I have never seen a flat building like this before. I like it!??
A New Chapter for the Flatiron Building When the Flatiron Building was completed in 1902, small businesses filled the 21 office floors in the building.. Read more »
Bummer that the Flat Iron building was under some sort of constructions while I was there. Not sure what they were doing to the building but it had bu.. Read more »
The flat-iron building was born long before Empire State and all other famous buildings even existed. In a city known for skyscrapers, its quite a uni.. Read more »
Loved seeing it! Incredible craftsmanship especially for the time back then. Overall great experience.
This beautiful structure was the tallest building in the world for a brief time period. It was among the architectural "tests" to determine if interna.. Read more »
Well, it was definitely flat. Not really FLAT flat, doe. It's more like a slice of cake. Here's a funny thought; imagine if it actually WAS a cake!
It was the last day of our short vacation in New York City, and for whatever reason, amongst all the other things that we had managed to see and do, t.. Read more »
The place is great and well-organized and has a lot of international brands, offers, discounts, entertainment and dining venues
Just a lovely structure to look at. There are places to just sit, relax and eat while enjoying the view of this building
You can see the tribute lights
Have you watched lucy movie? It's from there
The distinctive triangular shape of the Flatiron Building, built in 1902, allowed it to fill the wedge-shaped property located at the intersection of .. Read more »
Its incredible how people could build something like this way back then without all of our modern technology. I highly recommend going here. You can t.. Read more »
Amazing architecture and vibe around the Flatiron building. South of Manhattan downtown. This 22 story building is a delight for photographers. One ca.. Read more »