Athens, Greece
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According to ancient legend, the Erechtheion was built on the site of a dispute between Athena and Poseidon, during which the gods did not share power over Attica. The temple was erected at the end of the 5th century BC. in the ionic style, the name of the architect was lost in the thickness of centuries. The portico of Caryatid, which was added to the temple later, is well preserved. It is a series of female sculpture columns supporting the roof. The authorship is attributed to the sculptor Kallimakh (according to another version - to Alkamen).
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A National treasure. No easy way to describe this place except that it is simply marvellous. Located opposite to the Pantheon. Can get crowded in the summer months and holiday season. Must see. Highly recommended. Entry fee applicable.


The temple housed the cults of Athena and Poseidon based on old myth in which god and goddess had a contest for the city's affections. It is the most unusual monument of the Acropolis. The Caryatids have become the temple’s signature feature, as they.. Read more »


Quick stop while at the acropolis. Do yourself a favor and read up on the place before you visit so that you can enjoy it more. There are plenty of tours to the facility but you can also listen in to ongoing tours to glean more information. It amazin.. Read more »


Caryatids and sacred olive tree. A not to be missed experience accessed using an Acropolis and slopes ticket costing €20 for adults (EU school children and students free) when we visited in October 2018.Beautiful structure that leads to the story of .. Read more »


History abound and marvel at the the cult


An ancient building, the most important on the Acropolis. Not much was left but it is still an impressive place


One of Acropolis' buildings. It was well saved.


Next to Parthenon where the kareatides stand so many years!!!!


Very beautiful temple at the Acropolis. It is still an impressive ruin with many women statue. Nice to take photos.


All the hill is incredible


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