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Emirates Park Zoo

Abu Dhabi, UAE
4.3 / 23
Emirates Park Zoo
Address:12th Street - Abu Dhabi
Phone:+971 2 501 0000
Hours:monday: 09:00–20:00 tuesday: 09:00–20:00 wednesday: 09:00–20:00 thursday: 09:00–21:00 friday: 09:00–21:00 saturday: 09:00–21:00 sunday: 09:00–20:00

Huw Jones

First time back since revamp. Its a nice place to spend time now, and presented really nicely. Always sad to see animals in captivity but most are res.. Read more »

Essa Lwisa

I visited the Zoo with my 3 years old boy. It so children- oriented place, I liked the fact that cages are close to each other, all information are av.. Read more »

Dona Douda verona (Dona)

Very good experience❤..for adults and kids..many options are available to choose from when it comes to offers/shows.. better go early so you can enjoy.. Read more »

pooja jyoti

extraordinary zoo with plenty to see and virtually really worth a visit, particularly if you are new to the vicinity - coming from North the usa and A.. Read more »

Mohamed Habeeb

Nice Park Zoo!!! Kids can enjoy a lot. During the weekend, easily can spend the time family and kids. From Giraffe, White lion, Elephant, crocodile et.. Read more »

Alison Anino

The staff were nice. The rooms weren't bad. Although I was expecting a bit more for the price. But they've given free access to the zoo, so that's coo.. Read more »

Flavia Flavia

I cannot believe in what conditions the animals are staying here. How can you bring animals which are living in cold condition in this very hot zone? .. Read more »

elixir cualquera

My experience is amazing @emirates park zoo... the place is so clean, good ambience, a perfect place to relax... and the hotel is so nice and the room.. Read more »

Shelat Safar

We stayed in the resort for a night. You get free access to the zoo with the booking. If you are an animal lover, this will be your heaven then! The r.. Read more »

Wendy Archer

It’s a great family place but very busy on weekends. Best time to go is in the afternoon from 1400. You can even feed some of the animals. The zoo tak.. Read more »

Raheel Aziz

Excellent place with plenty of animals inlcuding elephant, hippos lion, tigers and many more. Also have unseen birds like owls, vultures, and eagles. .. Read more »

Charles Garrett

A great place to take the family. We missed the elephant encounter, but still able to feed them during their feeding times. We were also able to feed .. Read more »

Faiza Hussein Vlogs

The zoo was an amazing experience. I went last week with friends. I had a really good time here. It’s best to go during winter months so you can go ea.. Read more »

Ashish Rawat

I have been a frequent visitor to Emirates Park Zoo and love watching all sorts of animals. I recently visited during National Day Holidays and loved .. Read more »

Ea Monphen

The zoo is very compact you can finish everything within 2 hours. A great plus for this zoo is that they have air conditioned walk way for guests to e.. Read more »

Margarita Graterol

It is a great zoo, it has many spectacular animals. As in any zoo they are in captivity, but in some cases it is a matter of simulating their natural .. Read more »

Mocha Aestheticsss

This zoo is wonderful so much air conditioning and many majestic creatures! My siblings enjoyed feeding apples to the large elephants. Meals are so ta.. Read more »

Nathan Hofmans

Definitely a great up close and personal experience with the wildlife. Stayed at the resort which was also very nice and convenient for the weekend to.. Read more »

Dr.Khaled Abu faris

One of my favourite places I visit frequently! All family members will enjoy, definitely you will see animals you never seen before. Snaks prices insi.. Read more »

Abdu Shaz Pulsarakath

Awesome place for a weekend getaway. If you are a couple, go for a pool view room. If you're traveling with kids, zoo view rooms are great. The zoo is.. Read more »

Shashi V

This zoo is very convenient to go if your in Abu Dhabi. Half of the place is indoor air-conditioning for us and rest is out side. You can have a very .. Read more »

Jack Daniel

Good place to visit for family. Animals are very active even on hot weather days and not bad to walk around even during 3 to 5pm. Of course, better ti.. Read more »

Sneha Shree

Good for one visit. You can enjoy there more if you have kids. There are giraffe, elephant, tiger, lion, leopard, peacock, variety of birds, camels, c.. Read more »

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