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Duomo di Milano

Milan, Italy
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The magnificent cathedral of Milan, a vivid representative of the elegant architectural direction of flaming Gothic. The temple began to be erected in the XIV century, the decoration of some elements of the facade was completed only by 1965. Milan Cathedral is completely built of white marble, it is one of the most beautiful temples not only in Italy, but throughout Europe. Inside is a golden statue of the Madonna - the patroness of Milan.
Duomo di Milano
Address:Piazza del Duomo, Milano
Phone:+39 02 7202 2656
Hours:monday: 08:00–19:00 tuesday: 08:00–19:00 wednesday: 08:00–19:00 thursday: 08:00–19:00 friday: 08:00–19:00 saturday: 08:00–19:00 sunday: 08:00–19:00

jaydev dev

One of the most beautiful and lively places to be visited in one's life. This is an one time experience. Duomo di Milano not only gives the eyes a pic.. Read more »


You never get bored admiring it. The most beautiful cathedral in North Italy, the center of Milan, Milan's religious heart and now also the center of .. Read more »

Waleed Bin Mohammed

This city is the real capital of fashion country. No one can say anything about the quality and service now days. The food ? is wow ? the clothes r am.. Read more »

Lex Universe

Well, probably the most iconic and well known building in the whole city is the Milano Cathedral, also known Il Duomo, the Dome. It is the largest chu.. Read more »

Toan Vo

A very stunning architecture. This church is so impressively beautiful. I got to see this masterpiece because I has been hunting my mind since I once .. Read more »

Navneet Sidhu

Wonderful place to visit, very live and busy. Great art work. Huge lineups though to go inside the cathedral. Area around cathedral is also very nice... Read more »

William Rose

Very nice chapel some body have mention it is 3 euro but it's is 5 euro other than that the chapel is awesome when u are going there try to bring some.. Read more »

Ştefan-Vlad Ionescu

Surreal. My holiday HQ was Rome but I did a one day turnaround to Milan and it was simply gorgeous. Fashion, style, refinement and grace are above tho.. Read more »

Lukáš Fürst

If you come here, prepare for a stunning view! Also prepare to share it with milion of people. But at these days, it is not so heavy occupied. So perf.. Read more »

Priya Indian Vlogger in G

This is the most beautiful artistic monumental church in the center of Milan with probably the best artwork and sculptures that I have seen. The place.. Read more »

Leipzig Englisch

If you are in or near Milan, then please take some time to go and visit this magnificent cathedral right in the city centre of Milan. Take the time to.. Read more »

shahin sharifzad

Beautiful cathedral with lovely glass windows. Be sure to visit the area down below. Remember, it is still a "practicing" cathedral so they hold mass,.. Read more »

Kimberley Harris

Super good day to go, no lines, not many people around at all. Lots of stairs, hot day, beautiful views! Masks are necassary and temperature was taken.. Read more »


It is indeed a very beautiful architecture. After corona, if anyone can travel this is a perfect time. Not so many people and you can have the whole c.. Read more »

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