Dubai Gold Souk

Dubai, UAE
4.6 / 10
A huge bazaar where gold jewelry and other precious metal products are sold. Its range is so wide that it surpasses all other similar markets in the East. Here you can buy products with all kinds of precious stones from gold of various colors and samples. At the request of the client, the jeweler will customize any jewelry to individual sizes. It is customary to bargain in the market, sometimes the initial cost can be reduced by 30-50%.
Dubai Gold Souk
Hours:monday: 09:30–21:30 tuesday: 09:30–21:30 wednesday: 09:30–21:30 thursday: 09:30–21:30 friday: 16:00–21:30 saturday: 09:30–21:30 sunday: 09:30–21:30


It’s never changed much which is a blessing. It’s a hot tourist attraction so be prepared for it to to be busy busy busy. If you do want to buy anything you must barter which can put some people off. Lovely pieces of gold on display, some highly extr.. Read more »


Do you like 21k and 22k gold? Then this is your place! Very nice souk to walk around and shop, or just walk around. Most of the souk is shaded so it’s perfect if you are visiting during the summer. We did and it was hot but the shade helped a lot... Read more »


An amazing place to look around and window shop. Lots to see. Gold diamonds and other precious metals and stones. Lots of chaps asking you about watches & hand bags but beware they maybe copies. Also lots of street sellers of drinks & nuts best make .. Read more »


Very nice place to buy pure gold. Worth buying gold here. Nice place and more option to search for variety. Mostly indian loves this place as they believe here quality of. Gold is more pure and variety of options to check. Love this place. Very nice... Read more »


Good collection of jewellery shops. A unique experience. The whole area is shaded and full of lanes. You can get lost inside. Though mostly its jewellery shops other shops also are there. Spices, curtains, carpets, eatables etc. The jewelry design se.. Read more »


I was shocked by seeing the amount of gold they had in their shops?The designs the length of the jewelry it's really speechless, the designs of the rings necklaces are so damn Beautiful and different that we really can't get to see anywhere else in t.. Read more »


Visiting souks was all new experience. We gain so much cultural insights. Everything at one place. Gold, spices, textiles, utensils and many others. One must visit souks when they are in Dubai. You can find souvenirs and gifts to buy back home. This.. Read more »


This is gold central of the world. Mind boggling items available for purchase. However, keep in mind there is some wiggle room and bargaining is good for your wallet. I enjoyed the old town feeling in this market. Definitely the place to be for all y.. Read more »


Best variety of designs in the world is available here. One of the most secure and top visited place in Dubai.Visit the gold souk whether or not you want to buy gold. You will be surprised by the amount of gold being sold around you. Large collection.. Read more »


???I've been Dubai spent 3 months out of there, It's such an amazing place ... Secure place in the world!! Been Diera for old Dubai experience. Went to the gold market wow.... It's amazing.. different kind of gold dress & gold ornaments. It is also s.. Read more »


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