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Doge's Palace

Venice, Italy
4.9 / 9
An elegant palazzo where Doges lived for centuries - rulers of an independent, rich and influential Venetian republic. The palace was built, completed and decorated for more than 100 years, seeking to give it sufficient grandeur and luxury. That is why the architectural ensemble is a mixture of styles. Here is late European Gothic, and Byzantine classicism, and elements of the Moorish manner. Nowadays, the building houses a museum.
Doge's Palace
Doge's Palace
Address:Piazza San Marco, 1, Venezia
Phone:+39 041 271 5911
Hours:monday: 08:30–17:30 tuesday: 08:30–17:30 wednesday: 08:30–17:30 thursday: 08:30–17:30 friday: 08:30–17:30 saturday: 08:30–17:30 sunday: 08:30–17:30

Anže Levačič

The visit was very fun. To walk around the palace and see the places where doge was walking and planning all the attacks was very interesting. The who.. Read more »

Grant Bremner

If you are a tourist to the historic and beautiful city of Venice, then you must visit the Doge's Palace (when open). The Doge's Palace was built in V.. Read more »

Erika Crawte

Of the many museums we visited in paris this was my favourite and the one I would recommend most. Beautiful fine art, views of the palace, views of Ve.. Read more »

Dennis Wigand

Beautiful palace with lots of stunningly painted roofs. The prison section connected by the bridge of sighs (?) was a unique experience. Due to prebo.. Read more »

Anthony Craythorn

The interior of this palace is well worth the entry fee (book a timed entry online to skip cue). The outside, while quite large and grand, gives absol.. Read more »


U just keep staring at the beautiful palace and surrounding architectural marvels. Fabulous ?

Diman Prrok

Extremely crowded with so many people! But honestly so worth it. OUT OF THIS WORLD, the plaza is incredible! The architecture, the style, the waterfro.. Read more »

Dhanalakshmi K

It is so awesome to explore Doge's palace . All the rooms are opened for visitors and have a description about every room in Italian/English and Germa.. Read more »


I enjoyed it very much. Had to wait 10 minutes to get it even though I booked a prepaid time slot online. The security and covid temp checkers were ve.. Read more »

Dzangir Kolar

Palace with great historical value. Walking in those great halls gives you sense of how it was in Venice during their greatest moments

Asiyah Noemi Koso

Very impressive and interesting building, another must thing to do in Venice. Doge's Palace ( in Italian, Pallazo Ducale), is a beautiful palace in Ve.. Read more »

Nir Aviv Shapir

In my opinion the MOST beautiful Palace in the world! ? ?? The craftsmanship is second to none and you could stay a whole day and still wish to spend .. Read more »

Ondřej Karbaš

A little too expensive, as we were two students, but absolutely worth every penny. Gorgeous architecture accompanied by interesting notes about (almos.. Read more »


Even though the city itself is much over-hyped due to its shamefully degraded condition (visually as well as gastronomically) we can wholeheartedly re.. Read more »

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