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Diamond fund

Moscow, Russia
4.3 / 6
They are located in the same building on the territory of the Moscow Kremlin. The Armory has been functioning as a museum since 1806. Art objects and artifacts are stored here, both made in local workshops and donated by embassies of other countries. The Diamond Fund is an impressive exhibition of jewelry masterpieces. The best examples of the collection are dated XVIII-XX centuries. In addition, the exhibition presents precious stones and nuggets with a rich history.
Diamond fund
Address:Кремль, Боровицкие ворота, Москва
Phone:+7 495 629-20-36
Hours:monday: 10:00–13:00, 14:00–17:20 tuesday: 10:00–13:00, 14:00–17:20 wednesday: 10:00–13:00, 14:00–17:20 thursday: Closed friday: 10:00–13:00, 14:00–17:20 saturday: 10:00–13:00, 14:00–17:20 sunday: 10:00–13:00, 14:00–17:20

Elena Kravets

Amazing exhibition but difficult to get tickets

Joe Harris

The Diamond Fund inside the Kremlin is absolutely stunning! You will see jewels and relics from every aspect of Russian history! It's worth the extra .. Read more »

Svetlana Lomakina

Be aware of rudeness and disorganization!!!! From begging , if you are planning to buy a tickets from the office , DO NOT listen cashiers to come 30 m.. Read more »

Виктор Паре

Wonderful exhibits with many extreme gems from a variety of regions in Russia. Fabulous collection of diamonds both rough and faceted!

NatashA Lapiné

Russian Empresses - Peter the First (and as it happens the Last thank Goodness) daughter Elizabeth and effectively her almost immediate successor Cath.. Read more »

S.A. M.

If you are visiting the Kremlin Armoury during your stay in Moscow, consider stopping by at the Kremlin Diamond Fund. One can see and get to learn abo.. Read more »

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