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Denmark is an island country. There are many excellent resorts that are popular in Europe. It includes more than 400 islands, and Greenland and Faroe Islands have an autonomous status.

Another “country”, which is located directly in Copenhagen, has an autonomous status. Several blocks wanted to disconnect from Denmark, and declared their republic - Christiania. After a long confrontation, the hipsters were left alone. Today this place is a tourist exotic, a small piece of Amsterdam.

Thanks to the efforts of the current monarchy, about 600 castles, palaces, and fortresses have survived in Denmark. They are distinguished by wealth and splendor in exteriors and interiors. Almost all the existing variety of styles is present in the architecture of buildings. The country has rich art galleries, collections of sculptures, a huge number of museums. Sometimes there come to life the ideas of modernists of our time, carrying forward centuries. Visit Red Square in Copenhagen or the ARoS Museum.

It was in this country that Andersen wrote his lovely tales. In Odense there is a monument to the Resistant Tin Soldier, and the Little Mermaid has become a symbol of Denmark. The Danes were the first to build amusement parks. Dirichavsbaken was opened back in 1538. Tivoli and Legoland - to this day, cause amazement. It is said that Walt Disney, impressed by Tivoli Park, built Disneyland. And LegoLand does not need advertising at all. Danes are nice, hospitable, cosiness-loving people. It is customary to give women flowers for no reason, and to light candles for dinner. But sometimes some of their actions and attitudes towards animals cause shock among civilized people. Perhaps you should not forget that the descendants of the Vikings are given.
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