Daphne Monastery

Athens, Greece
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The cloister is 11 km away. from Athens near the Daphne grove. It was founded in the VI century on the site of the destroyed Temple of Apollo and eventually became one of the most revered shrines of Greece. The original appearance of the monastery has practically not been preserved; the construction of a sample of the 11th century, the heyday of the Byzantine Empire, has survived to this day. In the XIII century, for a time, Catholic monks settled in the monastery, but in 1458 the entire complex of buildings was returned to the Orthodox Church.
Daphne Monastery


Beautiful place, a bit far to reach out of the city but accessible by bus which is included in the 5-day unlimited Athens public transport card. Not so crowded with tourists because of its remote location, but definitely worth a visit! Free entrance... Read more »


Beautiful cite which once was an asylum and a monastery now home to some cats and a turtle! The frescos are beautiful and the building speaks to you.. imagine the prayers and the cries.. may be both at the same time and the place becomes haunting and.. Read more »


An eleventh-century Byzantine monastery a few kilometres northwest of central Athens in the suburb of Chaidari. The church is very impressive and around it there are the ruins of the support buildings of the monastery, such as the baths, the cells et.. Read more »


One the oldest monasteries close to Athens, 11th century, but some elements are as old as 5-6th century. The Byzantine paintings inside are some of the finest someone could see.


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