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Daphne Monastery

Athens, Greece
4.5 / 16
The cloister is 11 km away. from Athens near the Daphne grove. It was founded in the VI century on the site of the destroyed Temple of Apollo and eventually became one of the most revered shrines of Greece. The original appearance of the monastery has practically not been preserved; the construction of a sample of the 11th century, the heyday of the Byzantine Empire, has survived to this day. In the XIII century, for a time, Catholic monks settled in the monastery, but in 1458 the entire complex of buildings was returned to the Orthodox Church.
Daphne Monastery

Evangelos K

Apart from the fact that this is a UNESCO-protected monument, the Dafni monastery is a masterpiece of byzantine art and architecture in Greece. You wi.. Read more »


Impressive place, in a very good condition. If you're interested in history go and see:)

Karol Bereźnicki

Beautiful temple. Enter is free. You can get there car or bus.

Nacho Boza

Nice monastery, the mosaics are beautiful and the entry is free. Dress code isn’t needed (there are no monks currently living there)

Andrea Solla

There is no information on site regarding this historical place. Government should do better to display better audio visuals to educate the tourists

Apostolis Karabairis

A trendsetter for church architecture and style in its era. Very important and beautiful complex.

Takis Z

First time visited and very much impressed. Well worth seeing. Great icons and construction. A beautiful sample of the Byzantine years. They are doing.. Read more »

Igor Tereshchenko

Something Special...

George Giovanakis

Beautiful place for a Sunday walk. A small river and the forest is perfect.

Baki Sungur

It is closed and under restoration so no access possible hence two stars. Will change when I see this place.

Charlie Touchstone

Fantastic, book with Key Tours

Nikos Niotis

Nice place to visit, located exactly next to botanical garden of Chaidari. Not a big place but the entrance is free and you see a well kept church of .. Read more »

Oleksandra Fendyk

This place is awesome for those who are interested in Orthodoxy. Though the earthquake destroyed most part of the mosaics and the temple ornaments, st.. Read more »

Nyc Midtown East Guy

Such an impressive Byzantine monument

Frank van Loo

Unbelievable that such an old building is still so adorable.


One the oldest monasteries close to Athens, 11th century, but some elements are as old as 5-6th century. The Byzantine paintings inside are some of th.. Read more »

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