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Danube Tower

Vienna, Austria
4.6 / 14
Danube Tower
Address:Donauturmstraße 8, Wien
Phone:+43 1 2633572

ww 168

Donauturm is the tallest structure in Austria, with a restaurant and a cafe. Be brave, wear nothing in winter when visiting the observation deck. Peop.. Read more »

Filip Polonsky

Perfect trip up to the skies ? do not forget to watch up while using the lift... The views are stunning.

Daniel Young

Unfortunately the pleasant views and passable coffee were let down by the appalling service. Staff were argumentative and hostile to the point that be.. Read more »

Julia S. Ditschek

Highest building of Austria! Great view... an delicious food

michael foteinopoulos

Wonderful place , where you can see the city of Vienna. Recommended for dinner!

Danislav Kirov

Amazing view, great coffee.

Gugue Nkala

Beautiful view at the top, seeing how both river connect

Eben Coetzer

The tower has a pretty "Jetsons" looking architecture to it. There is a lift going to the top where you will be met with a wonderful view and a rotati.. Read more »

Monique Mwenyango

Best moving cafe and a beautiful view or sightseeing of the whole Vienna. In this pandemic period they have a discount for their customers. It's a mus.. Read more »

jax D

This is a great place to visit when you come to Vienna. There are great views and a cool restaurant on top that rotates. Even on a cloudy day you can .. Read more »

Sirajul Muneer

Great place to get arial view around the city. Best time to visit after evening when the lights start popping up across the city. Really loved the vie.. Read more »

Melinda Tamás Dankó

Absolutly helpful,Kind staff at the entrance, lift, restaurant ? Elevator breath taking As in 35second reaches the 155m high view level So so happy to.. Read more »

Bart Piasek

Great and inexpensive place. I recommend to get Vienna Pass to gain access to it. Very pleasant service, offers outstanding and possibly best views of.. Read more »

Ramy Aly

Great place, kind staff, prices are relatively cheap, would always come back. Bought aswell from the souvenir shop even though I am a local, but price.. Read more »

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