Dancing House

Prague, Czech Republic
4.8 / 5
An interesting and non-standard architectural solution, implemented by F. Gary and V. Milunich. The house is located in the center of Prague, on the ground floor there is a restaurant serving French cuisine. The building is sometimes called the “glass” and “drunk house”. The dancing house is built in the modern style of deconstructivism, which uses asymmetric and in some places promiscuous forms. At first, the townspeople did not accept the innovative construction, but pretty soon it became the "highlight" of Prague.
Dancing House
Address:Jiráskovo náměstí 1981/6, Praha 2
Phone:+420 605 083 611


What a fabulous place! Enjoy a walk here along the river then back through the streets when you leave. The views at the top are worth the visit. It will cost you a couple of drinks. There's a lift to the top floor then a short flight of stairs to th.. Read more »


I absolutely love this building - so architecturally unique. I went up to the top floor to have a couple drinks on the terrace and watch the sunset. The top of the building offers breathtaking views of Prague and you don’t have to pay an entrance fee.. Read more »


It's a nice photograhing spot. Just beside the river, you will find yourself very comfortable in the gentle wind. It's very easy to reach as there's a tram stop very near to it. However, I would rather taking photo over the bridge with the river as b.. Read more »


Well worth a stroll along the riverbank to get a look at the Dancing House (other wise known as Ginger & Fred). I don’t think I have ever seen a building quite like it. We only visited the outside and only stayed a couple of mins to take a few snaps,.. Read more »


One of the most abstract architectural designs I've ever come across. It adds a different dimension, to the area's look and feel. It has a great roof top bar overlooking the city and the the river. I would definitely recommend visiting this place if .. Read more »


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