Dachau Memorial Museum

Munich, Germany
4 / 5
The museum is located outside the city limits of Munich near the town of Dachau on the site of the former concentration camp. All people who were objectionable to the Hitler regime were driven here for execution. Over 12 years of existence in the camp, tens of thousands of people were destroyed. The museum was organized at the request of former camp prisoners in 1965. Little remains of the buildings of World War II, but this place is striking in a sinister and oppressive atmosphere.
Dachau Memorial Museum
Dachau Memorial Museum
Dachau Memorial Museum
Phone:+49 89 8574821
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Not really worth the trip. It was very sanitized, unorganized, and not informative. The videos were in German only without subtitles, maps and audio don’t match. Although it’s free, I would be happy to pay more to get their stuff together. I was h.. Read more »


Well set out. Excellent audio guides available. Best to go early morning to avoid crowds.


Interesting activity for a cloudy day, renting an audio-guide device costs 4€ each one, and since all the information banners are translated in English (and there are hundreds of them) plenty of information already available so you can consider getti.. Read more »


Very interesting must have a guided tour learned so much from him.


Great Exhibition


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