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Czech Republic

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It seems that the Czech Republic is a country whose sky above is supported by the sharp spiers of its incredible cathedrals and castles. Therefore, freedom and peace are always felt here. Together with fabulous and colorful cities, the Czech Republic boasts beautiful nature. Deep caves, warm geysers of Karlovy Vary, nature reserves, mountains and parks merge with the old and architectural wealth of the country.

Walking the streets of Prague, Cesky Krumlov, Karlstejn, Karlovy Vary and other cities you can fall in love. Fall in love not only with the Czech Republic, but with life. Nobody is in a hurry here. In resorts, people restore health and spirit, and in cities, they feed on the wealth of history and culture.

The Czech Republic is rich in beautiful castles. This is the Prague Castle, Deep above Vlatva, Krumlov Castle, Konopiste, Karlstejn. It is famous for its cathedrals of majestic beauty. These include the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul in Brno, the Cathedral of St. Vitus, the Cathedral of St. Nicholas Cathedral of St. Barbarians and many others. But do not underestimate the nature of the region. There are lakes, rocks, rivers and forests. You can enjoy them in the Moravian Karst, on the Lipno ecological trail, in Karlovy Vary and many other places. The Czech Republic is open to tourists, but it is inexhaustible.
★ 4.5
Czech Republic

For Prague, such epithets as "mystical", "charming", "mysterious" are firmly entrenched. Many touris..