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Cruiser Aurora

St. Petersburg, Russia
3.9 / 11
The warship of 1900, which took part in the battle of Tsushima in the waters of the Pacific Ocean. After returning to the Baltic Sea was used as a training. In October 1917, a cannon shot fired from a cruiser signaled the assault on the Winter Palace and the start of the Bolshevik coup (October Revolution of 1917). Until 1940, the ship was used for its intended purpose, and since 1948 it left for the “eternal parking lot”, a museum exposition was placed inside.
Cruiser Aurora
Cruiser Aurora
Address:Петроградская набережная, Санкт-Петербург
Phone:+7 812 303-85-13
Hours:monday: Closed tuesday: 10:30–16:00 wednesday: 10:30–16:00 thursday: 10:30–16:00 friday: Closed saturday: 10:30–16:00 sunday: 10:30–16:00

Yury Blinov

Got tickets for 400 rur. Half of the ship areas are closed for painting. Another half have no access. You will not see engine room, boilers, holds, co.. Read more »

Kirill Tsibriy

You should do it once to see if with your own eyes, but I would not repeat the experience. Half of the upper deck was closed due to some preparations... Read more »

Paulo Gustavo

An Amazing piece of history very well preserved! It's such a cool visit! Check the schedules as many times I went there and it was closed. Enjoy it to.. Read more »

Kavan Luke

Very very cool place to visit! Great view of the river and great ship!

Aleksandr Fedorov

Very interesting museum. A lot of historical facts. Good for kids

Aaron Bogott

The Aurora Cruiser is an enjoyable visit and has so much historical significance. The museum, the ship, is not large so a visit only takes 30-40 minut.. Read more »

Vinh Phuc

As a museum ship, the cruiser Aurora became one of the many tourist attractions of Leningrad (now Saint Petersburg), and continued to be a symbol of t.. Read more »

Илья Самойлов

Historical place, but a bit boring exhibition. You need to take a guide to understand everything.

Павел Соляник

If you love history, if you love old military ships - this is what you need. Magnificent Aurora was built in the beginning of 19 century.

George Ianovski

Kind of a must-see in St Petersburg, but that doesn't mean it's terribly exciting. You walk on the deck and pose for a few photos, and then go downst.. Read more »

Senad Music

Unique ship with extraordinary historical relevance, very well restored. Would have been nice to have few more things in English and to open up and a.. Read more »

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