Copenhagen Opera House

Copenhagen, Denmark
4.6 / 10
The theater building was erected in the 2000s. to the funds of a private fund and given as a “gift” to the state (all the same, the investor returned almost the entire amount spent as a tax benefit). The grand opening of the stage took place in 2005 in the presence of Queen Margrethe II and Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen. As a premiere production, the opera Valkyrie by R. Wagner was chosen, where the main part was played by Placido Domingo.
Copenhagen Opera House
Address:Ekvipagemestervej 10, København K
Phone:+45 33 69 69 69


Dinner was weak but the building, views, music, service and experience easily made up for it. We came with a conference group and all the normal problems of logistics applied, like, getting 200 plates of food out all at once was obviously challenging.. Read more »


Opera Carmen - Absolutely fantastic! For all opera lovers - You must go and experience Carmencita and the sceneography which consist only by a big stair...The dancers are amazing and the singers outstanding. An opera for the ears and the eyes


Good seating, new building situated in remarkable surroundings, cosi fan tutte :)


A spectacular, modern architecture marvel! Absolutely breathtaking. Must visit!


What a fantastic building. Every seat has a perfect view of the stage. The decor takes your breath away.


Absolutely awesome building from an architectural and design perspective. I loved the lines and the inside space. Magnificent place. The New Year concert I attended was also fun and highly recommend going if you have the chance. I'd recommend if you.. Read more »


Interesting place and nice piece of Architecture. I liked the spot specially, the view to the canal... There was a special moment I have captured of a couple and It did fascinate me... I wrote A comment in the picture represent one of the old piece .. Read more »


Great architecture!! If you stand at the entrance you will be able to see the castle. Make sure to look up the story behind the opera house of how it was donated... very interesting!


The venue tour is highly recommended. It is a huge modern opera house. The friendly docent took us from the lobby to the backstage and even to the stage with detailed explanations and interesting stories.


A beautiful building with an enchanting story, full of class and culture. We enjoyed an amazing performance by West End's tremendously talented group of actors in an impeccable Sweeny Todd play. It was amazing!


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