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CN Tower

Toronto, Canada
4.7 / 21
A huge tower built in the 70s. XX century. For about 30 years, the CN Tower has occupied the place of honor of the tallest building in the world (the height of the structure is more than 555 meters). The tower is equipped with a viewing platform with a glass floor. It was estimated that lightning strikes 78 times a design annually, but due to its strength and reliability, the TV tower can withstand the impact of the elements.
Address:290 Bremner Boulevard, Toronto
Phone:+1 416-868-6937

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Very enjoyable experience overall. The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed. Professional and respectful service. The food is good and the portions pret.. Read more »
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Went to the 360 restaurant and the food was absolutely spectacular. They catered really well to vegetarians and non alcoholics too upon request. Defin.. Read more »
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I have been up in the tower a lot of times. However, this was the first time for my kids. If I hadn't been up there so many times, I would give it 5.. Read more »
We have been coming to the CN Tower every year on Christmas Eve for lunch for the past 7 years. It has become such a wonderful family tradition. I am.. Read more »
Great experience! I went with my 3 siblings and mother and we all found it enjoyable. Easily the best view in town! You can see the airport across the.. Read more »
We started out one Sunday morning for a drive around downtown and a walk along the shore. Unable to find parking where we wanted to stop we kept going.. Read more »
Seeing this huge tower for the first time. Looked amazing from the outside.. it so huge and beautiful that your neck pains by just staring at it. Guys.. Read more »
The remodeling is very nice, the staff were very welcoming. From the kiosk, to the tower, to the cafes and the pictures turned out nice and they cost .. Read more »
Very nice, although I am scared of heights!
Great spot to visit if you are in Toronto! In my opinion the best time to go is at around sundown. The city looks awesome at sunset. Reasonably priced.. Read more »
When You are inside, it's as if you are in sky
Check out the glass floors, cool and scary at the same time. Elevator takes less than 1 min to reach observation level and have glass panels installed.. Read more »
It was my second experience. I like it!
Loved it. 360° View of city is amazing from lookout level. Check out the glass floors, cool and scary at the same time. Elevator takes less than 1 min.. Read more »
Its been 20 years since I've been to the CN tower and going back with my daughter was amazing. The remodeling is very nice, the staff were very welcom.. Read more »