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Church St. George Rotunda

Sofia, Bulgaria
4.6 / 5
Church St. George Rotunda
Church St. George Rotunda
Address:булевард „княз Александър Дондуков“ 2, София
Phone:+359 2 980 9216

Lora Nielsen

Oldest building in Bulgaria. A round church - not a typical one for the country. It is under constant refurbishment- so beware where you walk. There i.. Read more »

Hassan Sabra

The Church of Saint George (Bulgarian: Ротонда „Свети Георги“, romanized: Rotonda "Sveti Georgi") is a Late Antique red brick rotunda in Sofia, Bulgar.. Read more »

Ognian Dimitrov

This is the oldest building in the city, preserved from the time of the Roman Empire. I think it was built in the 4th century, and inside there is a v.. Read more »

Anya Getaway

My favorite holy place in Sofia. This church has a very special unique charm looking very authentic and spreading peaceful atmosphere all around...

Marina Shumkova

Maybe you walk past it every day, it takes 15 minutes to see this great example of a rotunda.

Михайло Литвиненко

Beautiful ancient church surrounded by remains of old city from Byzantium times. Definitely worth to visit. The church is situated in the courtyard of.. Read more »

Cindy Marie Azur

Seeing many great attractions in Sofia, giving me the feeling of coming back to old age. This Church just one of many places that you will simply amaz.. Read more »


Impressive construction, allegedly the oldest surviving in the city, right next to a few of the ruins of the old city of Serdica. It is less impressiv.. Read more »

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