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Church of St. Wojciech

Krakow, Poland
5 / 5
Church of St. Wojciech
Address:plac Mariacki, Kraków
Phone:+48 12 422 83 52

David-James Ferguson

An incredible tiny historic church right in the heart of the city. A fun little fact is that you can see the original entrance a good eight or so feet.. Read more »

Roger Birchall

Lovely little Church, it's always open in the day!

David Orman

Tiny, beautifully intimate church set in the heart of Krakow.

George Starakis

One of my best cities. I loved Krakow's Xmas market so much and its tasty mushroom soup. If you like this shot , I would be grateful if you would foll.. Read more »

Travel & Champagne

The smallest church in Kraków! Super cute and right in the main square

Shirley Wood

This city and church are amazing. So much to see and do.Great food ,extra friendly people .So very cheap. Will definitely be back

Marek Kulbacki

A small Romanesque church located on the market square in Krakow near the cloth hall.

Aga M

Lots going on at all times of the day. Great for food and shopping at the market during the day and really pretty after the sunset. Great place for a .. Read more »

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