Church of Saint Sophia

Nessebar, Bulgaria
4.4 / 5
In the heart of the Bulgarian city lies the ancient church of Hagia Sophia (Old Metropolis). This three-nave basilica, dated to the 5-6th century, is 19 meters long and 13 meters wide. The church is divided into two rows of pillars into naves, in each row five pieces. The middle nave in the east ends with an impressive covered apse and is almost 10 meters wide.
Church of Saint Sophia


A very nice part of Bulgaria with plenty of restaurants, bars, cafes and shops. Easily accessible by boat trip, bus or road train from sunny beach. And if you're feeling energetic you can walk there.


I am not evaluating this church. I am evaluating the entire village and it is great. One of the nicest places I have seen. The atmosphere on the streets is great. They managed to keep the kitsch shops bearable. Must see in my opinion.


I love visiting churches and monasteries and Sofia had lots to offer.


Cool history behind it, check it out if your ever there!


Love the Mitropolia Church.... it's a magical place...actually the entire peninsula of the old town of Nessebar is absolutely stunningly beautiful ❤❤❤


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