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Church of Saint Sophia

Nessebar, Bulgaria
4.8 / 12
In the heart of the Bulgarian city lies the ancient church of Hagia Sophia (Old Metropolis). This three-nave basilica, dated to the 5-6th century, is 19 meters long and 13 meters wide. The church is divided into two rows of pillars into naves, in each row five pieces. The middle nave in the east ends with an impressive covered apse and is almost 10 meters wide.
Church of Saint Sophia

Nesrin Tanyürek

The church is located in what is supposed to have been the center of the ancient city. It is a three-naved unvaulted basilica with a semi-circular aps.. Read more »

Andrei Gavrilescu

Historical, beautiful, easy to navigate,old and the BEST place in NESEBAR to take selfie.

Janosi Zoltan

Lovely place, the old town is just amazing, with a lot of stores to find local products, must to visit if you are on sunny beach bulgaria!

ljilja m

Beautiful old stone walls from very ancient history. Nice place to sit in on stairs and have an ice cream. Unfortunately, there is lot of garbage arou.. Read more »

Mihai Iosif

A neat place, many boutiques, restaurants, cafee shops, parking spaces, a beautiful view. Unfortunately, it is not possible to pay by card everywhere.

Ludmil Duridanov

Full of light

soe soe

Monastery located in the center of old Nessebar. In fact, they are the ruins of an old Byzantine monastery over 1500 years old, of which the walls rem.. Read more »


Nice place. Must see in the Nessebar.

Bartek Malecki

Very nice place in Nessebar

Ognian Dimitrov

The remains of an ancient Byzantine basilica, built in the 5th century. Now only the side walls of the basilica remain, but it is still worth visiting.. Read more »

K. Hazaev

Incredible atmoshere! Quiet, beauty of the ruins... Art shops nearby. Take a coffee or glass of red wine... enjoy!

Chavdar Chilov

3000 years city, one of the most fascinating places in Bulgaria. Everyone should be visited when going to Oldtown of Nesebar!

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