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Choral Synagogue

Lutsk, Ukraine
3.1 / 7
Choral Synagogue
Choral Synagogue
Choral Synagogue
Choral Synagogue
Choral Synagogue
Address:43000, вулиця Данила Галицького, 33, Луцьк

Зубко Аделина

They are not allowed inside ...

oleh romanovskyi

Today, the construction of a synagogue at the beginning of the seventeenth century is considered to be a sound scientific fact. But as Rostislav Metel.. Read more »

Alineshka #1

Unfortunately, the condition of the synagogue leaves much to be desired. It is not valid today. It can only be viewed from the outside.

Roman Romanov

The synagogue is gradually destroyed. Inside the sports complex, which can not but grieve. The building would be taken under protection, restored and .. Read more »

Lyudmila Turchyk

Historical place but neglected. Nobody has any business to the historical heritage of the city. It is sad and embarrassing to show the city the state .. Read more »

Anna Mur

If this building had not been marked on the maps as a synagogue, with the main choral one !, we would not even have gone there, and if we had passed b.. Read more »

Роман Васюта

Now the Dynamo sports complex is located in the premises, but the Jewish community is actively working to regain the building, and some rooms have eve.. Read more »

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