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China Art Museum

Shanghai, China
4.5 / 6
It began as the Shanghai Art Museum in 1956. It was expanded and changed its name in 2012. The exhibition was moved to the pavilion built for the EXPO-2010. Exhibitions reflect all stages of the creative path of artists of the Celestial Empire. Retrospectives are held not only of famous masters, but of those who have not yet made a name for themselves. Also exhibited classic paintings of past centuries.
China Art Museum
China Art Museum

Chun Wei Tan

Big art compound. Small to huge art pieces. Admission is free. Occasional special exhibit may incur a minimal cost

Joshua Fan

Formally part of thr World expo, nowdays an art museum, can take subway line 8 and there is a station named after it. Very arty place

GowriShankara .K.S

If U R at Shanghai visit here. Good place to visit. Here ticket is free. 2 per head. Better to have your address proof.

EZ Online News

A long way to walk and many stairs to climb before entering the entrance of the galleries on the upper levels. Don't miss the great artwork collection.. Read more »

Tabby Ali

You have to go there early in the morning as there are long lines to wait. When you get the pass and manage to get through the lines once. Then there .. Read more »

Dennis Hub

This building is huge. Entree was free if I remember correctly. The museum is on the top floor. But was was very cool is the animated Qing Ming river .. Read more »

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