Checkpoint Charlie

Berlin, Germany
4.5 / 10
An iconic and cult place on Friedrichstrasse, a symbol of the confrontation between two irreconcilable enemies of the Cold War - the USSR and the USA. After the partition of Germany, a border was crossed here and a military checkpoint was set up. It was at Checkpoint Charlie that the tank confrontation took place during the Berlin crisis of 1958-1962, during which the world came close to nuclear war.
Checkpoint Charlie
Address:Friedrichstraße 43-45, Berlin


If you are in Berlin and not seen check point charlie you missed the complete history it’s the best place to see history from very close there museum is very nice and keep you close to history very highly recommended. Free to see albeit slightly ruin.. Read more »


Great stop had our picture taken. There is a fee. These are working people don't try to sneak in or be rude. Just enjoy and pay if you want pictures. We had a great time with the guys.


Historically this place is vital to the understanding of post-war politics and the Cold War. Yet the actual location feels like the corner of any busy street, with buses and tourists. The museum was good but did I get a real feel of what it must have.. Read more »


Iconic symbol of the Cold War, when Germany (and Berlin) has been divided into two sides: East and West, or the Soviet side and the American/English/French side. There’s the Wall Museum just across the street too. Worth a visit!


Spend some time reading the wall on the walk up to checkpoint Charlie and finding out all of the key points in the history of the cold war and how close tensions came. When you stand at checkpoint Charlie then it makes it all feel so real! An obligat.. Read more »


Fascinating place as it's steeped in so much history. Well worth a visit. It is a busy road, so be careful! The gift shop / museum is well stocked and has lots of interesting items. The books and maps for sale are excellent.


Take your time. And go back some other time. Guaranteed, you'll learn even more on Your second visit. Wish the color code for the different languages on the displays were more clearly marked. I spent much time looking for the language, I could unders.. Read more »


Thre history is very appealing but everything has been rebuilt around it. A replica cabin remains in place and museum around it. If you are there, go see it. It is a historical site which is interesting to know about. In case you did not know, .. Read more »


Amazing place with a lot of history to it. There are many attractions all along this street. There is also pieces of the Berlin closeby. Checkpoint Charlie is usually crowded because it is a very important attraction. There are also 2 guards there st.. Read more »


If you are into historical places to take the ultimate selfies this is the place. Hard to think that this was a checkpoint between the 2 Germanys so many years ago and ground for so much hostilities. This place is surrounded by a very active crowd of.. Read more »


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