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Checkpoint Charlie

Berlin, Germany
4.4 / 29
An iconic and cult place on Friedrichstrasse, a symbol of the confrontation between two irreconcilable enemies of the Cold War - the USSR and the USA. After the partition of Germany, a border was crossed here and a military checkpoint was set up. It was at Checkpoint Charlie that the tank confrontation took place during the Berlin crisis of 1958-1962, during which the world came close to nuclear war.
Address:Friedrichstraße 43-45, Berlin

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This has to be one of my favorite historical places in Berlin for me. The reason is that it conveys the message of that cold war era Berlin where we .. Read more »
This has to be one of my favorite historical places in Berlin for me. The reason is that it conveys the message of that cold war era Berlin where we .. Read more »
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Ver interesting place and very quiet probably due to the COVID restrictions.
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Amazing experience in a very historic place! Great fun and cool to see in this life time.
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Nice classic place to visit but not so interested.
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