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Charging Bull

New York, USA
4.7 / 10
A huge bull statue in front of the New York Stock Exchange. The bronze figure of the attacking bull personifies the spirit of the place: aggressive competition of stock dealers, ruthless struggle for a place in the sun and as a reward - deafening financial success and luxurious life. There are always many tourists in front of the statue. Everyone wants to capture themselves against the backdrop of an impressive figure or rub their horns to attract good luck and money.
Charging Bull
Address:New York

Amelia G

This is an incredible statue! It is a huge metal work if art! Quite the tourist attraction, and you can see it when driving by on many bus routes. Som.. Read more »

Kozim Khakimzoda

In you are in NYC and didn’t visit Charging Bull you never been here.

Stephen Utegg

It would be bull if you didn't see it. Where else can you see the biggest bull statue. No bull intended.

John Jackson

One of the must do things in NY! Great times ! Good day! It was one of the first things that I did over there and I will remember that day! Because I.. Read more »

Fitness & Motivation: Kev

Difficult to get a good picture with so many people coming for pictures.

Raville Ortiz

Area is clean and a huge experience for Traders.

Toree Hill

This lifelike huge Charging Bull ? is so sweet, you can see the Trinity Church clock from his spot on Broadway. Wall Street is a couple of blocks Nort.. Read more »

Seth Zolot

Interesting, but very touristy. Normally crowded, although less so during COVID

Rana Magdy

It was not crowded as it was before the pandemic. It was a quite place at 8:00 pm. You can take pics as you can and there is enough light to take good.. Read more »

Nilmadhav Mishra

This is one of the most popular landmarks in NY. Any visitor comes to NY this place always stays in their to do list. This is a public place nice to h.. Read more »

Gabriela Vergara

It area was very clean and the garden around the fountain was very pretty. Missing the kind people who come visit NYC, this is an iconic spot. Ventu.. Read more »

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