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Central Park

New York, USA
4.9 / 10
The most popular and picturesque New York park, sandwiched between 8th and 5th avenues. It appeared in the mid-nineteenth century, and the project was worked by landscape architect F. Olmsted. The park almost immediately became a favorite place for picnics, walks, sports. Office clerks are resting here for lunch break, moms with children are lying on the picturesque lawns, lovers of steam are riding on the lake in the boats.
Central Park
Central Park
Central Park
Address:New York
Phone:+1 212-310-6600
Hours:monday: 06:00–01:00 tuesday: 06:00–01:00 wednesday: 06:00–01:00 thursday: 06:00–01:00 friday: 06:00–01:00 saturday: 06:00–01:00 sunday: 06:00–01:00

Katie Pouga

Relaxing afternoon on a picnic? Enjoying exercise? Walking your dog? Bird watching? Strolling the Mall or past Turtle pond? Gathering for an outdoor c.. Read more »

david arroyo

I love walking through Central Park! I take off my headphones and just take in all the great Park of NY has to offer. It calms my soul. I'm always in .. Read more »


Central Park is a nice and very calming place to get away from the noisy and busy city. It does not only offer nice entertainment like forest-like pat.. Read more »

Breno Garcia Hinoob

Central Park located in the heart of Manhattan is open to the public. Extremely gigantic it takes at least 2 to 3 days for it to be known in its entir.. Read more »

Daniel Gómez

One of New York's biggest gems. A beautiful park right in the middle of Manhattan. It is a must visit for every tourist coming here. You can spend hou.. Read more »

Daniel Filiatreau

An absolutely stunning park in the heart of one of the world’s largest cities! Even on the rainy days, this park was still beautiful and serene. The t.. Read more »

Alexander Davis

Just an amazing park and I come from a city of one of the first and best park systems nationwide ! The carriage ride and Central Park fountain was gre.. Read more »

Oliver Smith

Perhaps the best spot to take a stroll in New York. You can stroll around the recreation center and overlook that you're in a city, This spot is sere.. Read more »


It is full of wonderful places to relax and take in the scenery...You don't have to visit the same places and discover new ones all the time. I love r.. Read more »

Anzhelika Chumak

The most beautiful park in the world! I visited many parks in Europe and US, but Central Park is unique.

Justin Draper

Beautiful walks and even better views. Extremely peaceful (may be due to the current pandemic). Makes me wish I lived nearby.

Jacob Vandenburg

This park is huge! Not being from New York I didn't realize this park was so big! It really is an awesome "getaway" form the rest of the city. A good .. Read more »


This is one of the best park in the world. So big, beautiful . It’s literally just enormous. But I 100% agree, that we need more police presence in th.. Read more »

Robert Castillo

I love ❤️Central Park, when I’m inside the park I feel transported to another part outside the fast pace and loud city. Central Park is a place you go.. Read more »

David Scanlon

There's no words to describe something as so beautiful so..... Meaningful,it's magical. If you are from outta town then central park should definitely.. Read more »

Eun Helms

Nice, windy paths. Would have loved to spend more time to explore, but it was so hot! We visited a nearby smoothie truck to cool down, then hit up the.. Read more »

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