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Cathedral Saint Aleksandar Nevski

Sofia, Bulgaria
5 / 5
Cathedral Saint Aleksandar Nevski
Address:площад „Свети Александър Невски“, София
Phone:+359 2 988 1704

Leon Pinheiro (Coach Leon

Awesome Cathedral. More impressive inside. The walls and ceilings are one big fresco. The architectural design is amazing.

Zhanna Glushchenko

Huge and impressive place. Inside it looks as much good as outside. Before going there I would recommend reading the story of this place. Worth visiti.. Read more »

Darin Zhelyazkov

St. Alexander Nevski is one of the iconic buildings in our capital Sofia. The church has a lot of history and if you want to know more about this uniq.. Read more »

Donika Lilova

One of the biggest cathedrals in Sofia. The exterior is lavishly decorated with domes made of gold. The interior shows frescoes and icons of saints. J.. Read more »

Mariana J

The Bulgarian iconic landmark! This cathedral stood trough the ages as symbol and home for christanity. Fantastic place and highly recommend for all v.. Read more »

Kharmencita Brueckner

ALEXANDER NEVSKY CATHEDRAL OF SOFIA = Is so far one of the most beautiful well-known Architectural Landmarks of Bulgaria in which one must never miss.. Read more »

Lora Nielsen

Sofia's landmark. Extremely beautiful from outside and inside. A must-visit and free of charge (unlike most of the cathedrals in Italy or even Austria.. Read more »


This place is magical. The architecture is incredibly beautiful and the church has so much history, it should definitely be on top of your lists for v.. Read more »

André Marques

It's a must, it's gorgeous and magnificent. The inside is rather dark, but you can't feel indifferent to this place.

Yonathan Stein

It's a big and beautiful cathedral in the heart of Sofia. Inside is so nice. You should definitely go there and have a look.

Thinuba Singam

Beautiful cathedral with so much history!!

Silviya Kosherska

Beautifully designed place in the centre of Sofia city. Just magnificent!

Ngo Hai Anh

The St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral (Bulgarian: Храм-паметник "Свети Александър Невски", Hram-pametnik "Sveti Aleksandar Nevski") is a Bulgarian Orthod.. Read more »

Anya Getaway

Magnificent symbol of Sofia-main Cathedral. Looks wonderful from outside, although it’s too dark inside unfortunately...

Eng. Leo G clements

Wonderful place for tourist to visit this place to experience the real architecture and is Jewel of the Sofia, Bulgaria. The church is very beautiful .. Read more »

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