Carmo Convent

Lisbon, Portugal
5 / 5
The medieval monastery of the XIII-XIV centuries., Built by the aristocrat Nuno Alvaresh Pereira for the brothers of the Order of the Carmelites. This noble knight sold all his belongings and cut his hair as a monk. In 1755, the building was destroyed by an earthquake and many priceless relics were lost. After restoration, the complex was used as a warehouse and barracks; later, an archaeological museum was placed in the walls.
Carmo Convent
Address:Largo do Carmo, Lisboa


Surprisingly very nice small museum, definitely worth the ticket price. They have a small movie inside telling the story of museum building which is projected on wall and have really nice graphics. Overall fully recommended


This museum was surprisingly interesting as we’ve been in a lot of similar architecture, this is not rebuilt completely and reminds us of events of the past with a strong effect. The ruins were pretty and artistic as well, we kept taking photos. At t.. Read more »


Really cool place and a must go to. There is a free audio tour inside the chapel, which is really cool. Also there is a really cool projection in one of the rooms that plays every few minutes and explains the history of Lisboa. Be aware that with the.. Read more »


Absolutely amazing place. If you played assassins creed it's definitely worth to see. ❤️ Tickets are not too expensive and worth to spent few euro to touch a bit of history ?


Visited in June before borders were open to tourists and on a week day, so I had the place to myself, and it was lovely. The remnants of the building are really cool and massive, but I also enjoyed looking at the artifacts in the chapel museum area. .. Read more »


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