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Carmo Convent

Lisbon, Portugal
4.5 / 10
The medieval monastery of the XIII-XIV centuries., Built by the aristocrat Nuno Alvaresh Pereira for the brothers of the Order of the Carmelites. This noble knight sold all his belongings and cut his hair as a monk. In 1755, the building was destroyed by an earthquake and many priceless relics were lost. After restoration, the complex was used as a warehouse and barracks; later, an archaeological museum was placed in the walls.
Carmo Convent
Address:Largo do Carmo, Lisboa

Ronald Moerman

What a history and so beautifully preserved. Don't forget to greet the guard afterwards and order something delicious on the square!

Maria Eugenia

Very impressive building, although is was never fully rebuilt, it still has a beautiful ambience. The museum inside holds very interesting artifacts a.. Read more »

Rubaiyat E Sania

Adult ticket €5 and student €4. You will enter in a magical place with Roman Gothic Ruins from 1755. There was a museum inside where it was forbidden .. Read more »

Jan Corteel

A wonderful museum and a huge collection of archeology! A real must to der when you are in Lisboa!

Jadiel Mendes

The ruined Convento do Carmo is situated in the Chiado district of Lisbon looking out over the city centre below. At the entrance of the museum is a .. Read more »


Amazing place with incredible history. Everything clearly described, also for people outside the "archaeological industry".

Simone Silva

A magnificent old church that now has the sky as its ceiling. We went to Lisbon Under The Stars here at the time that the show was on which was incred.. Read more »

Ekaterina Solovyeva

Very nice spot in the city center of Lisbon, which you even will not believe exists, cause you can't see it from outside. The entrance fee is 5 euro. .. Read more »

Bertan Camli

Lisbon under stars is a declaration by the Church and the City of Lisbon. The conversation is carried out in Portuguese and English, the tickets are a.. Read more »

Micaela Almeida

Beautiful historic building in the town centre! Its story is rather charming so do get a tour if you can. During the summer they host light shows here.. Read more »

Gonzalo Martín Amador

A must if you're in Lisbon. One of the most beautiful convents I've ever seen in my life. The details are just amazing and you can feel yourself back .. Read more »

Discovering Destinations

We desperately wanted to visit inside and tried on 2 occasions yet had the staff shut the door in our faces. One of the times there was a little more .. Read more »

Ricardo van Dijk

Amazing historic site! The main structure was severely damaged by Lisbon’s 1755 earthquake and restoration efforts were interrupted in the XIXth centu.. Read more »

gill euro

So many visitors. Have to visit

Trevor Bibic

Lisbon Under the stars light show inside the convent is a magical and immersive use of the space. €15 and 45mins long (Aug 2020) - a little pricey but.. Read more »

Marlene Ryan

Lisbon under Stars, which is a light show within the ruin, was a fun and cool way to learn about the history of the building and Lisbon itself.

Elizabeth Wheat

Visited in June before borders were open to tourists and on a week day, so I had the place to myself, and it was lovely. The remnants of the building .. Read more »

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