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Cape Kaliakra

Varna, Bulgaria
4.6 / 14
The cape is located about 60 km from Varna on the Dobrudzhan plateau. It is included in the list of the hundred most picturesque sights of Bulgaria. On its territory is a nature reserve. The cliffs of the cape rise 70 meters above the sea, protecting the bay from cold winds. The legend of 40 girls who rushed to the Black Sea in order not to be captured by the Ottoman Turks is associated with this place.
Cape Kaliakra
Cape Kaliakra
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Michael M

Very nice to visit. You feel like you are in Irland. Astonishing cliffs.

george krasenov

It's historic place for me but told with wrong words. It's a place with a magnificent view but this is not the hole story. It's a place where 40 woma.. Read more »

Todor Stoev

A place filled with history. An amazing scenery and a view to the dazzling sea. You can even notice how the water of the sea is a different colour aro.. Read more »

Eivo Ivanov

Stunning views as the backdrop of lovely castle scenery. Absolutely fantastic place with deep historical value. Go visit!

Francisco Manuel Funes Ga

The views are good. There is not much to see but it is worth going to have a drink at the restaurant that it is at the end of the walk way and enjoy t.. Read more »

Alex I

Wonderful place full of interesting history. The entry is 3BGN with free parking. Then you take a walk through the ancient city in which missing more .. Read more »

Joel silva

Amazing place that should be in all tourism add for Bulgária. With a huge potencial for study and tourism if only properly maintained. Sad that it isn.. Read more »

Alexander Van Stee

Nice cape, too bad the military base is there hence 4* instead of 5*

M. C.

Beautiful place. The view is breathtaking. There are remains of fortress. Very close to the end/edge there is a little chapel. There is restaurant as .. Read more »

gabriela wanek

The balcony of the world, Kaliakra reveals beautiful landscapes. I was very impressed

Robert Scrieciu

Very nice place. The view is also amazing. Keep in mind that there is a tax if you want to visit: 3 lv / adult and 1.5 lv / student

Стефан Пеев

Good place to visit if you are interested in archeology. The walk to the cape itself from the parking is 15/20min around 1km. The view from the cape t.. Read more »

Andrzej Kudaj

Place worth a visit. Ruins of medieval settlement. Breath taking views of Tracian Cliffs. Very good restaurant with excellent service. There is a tiny.. Read more »

Василена Топова

Wonderful nature where green hills are separated from the blue sea by high cliffs. Here you will find some ruins from an old fortress, a lot of birds .. Read more »

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