Cemetery Camposanto

Pisa, Italy
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A 13th-century necropolis located in the northern part of Piazza dei Miracoli. It was assumed that a church was to be built at the site of the cemetery, but the project was changed during the course of the work. Campo Santo is a rather unusual place, since the burials are located in a stone wall under the arches of the arched gallery that surround the courtyard. There are three chapels in the cemetery. Until the 18th century, representatives of the upper strata of Pisa were buried in this necropolis.
Cemetery Camposanto
Cemetery Camposanto
Address:Piazza del Duomo, 17, Pisa
Phone:+39 050 835011
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This was much more open than the main area of the piazza. It was very interesting to see. Purchase the ticket to get into all of the areas around the compound, not just the tower.


Such a fantastic piece of architecture and the walls are spectacular! Highly recommended visiting this place if you are in Pisa.


Great! It definitely surprised me and would highly recommend going there for the frescos. Fun fact - Fibonacci Is buried here too


Simply wonderful. Fantastic frescoes, brilliant building. Cemetery of nobles around 1300.


If you've ventured into the Camposanto, it is either for the frescoes or for Fibonacci's memory. Either way, you have done well my friend in increasing your vast knowledge on Pisa and on art. It is quite a huge structure so plan ahesd and get good sh.. Read more »


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