Rome, Italy
4.9 / 10
The world's first museum was born in 1471, when Pope Sixtus IV presented the inhabitants of Rome with a collection of antique bronze. It is located on Capitoline Square, designed by Michelangelo, in three palaces. The New Palace presents an exposition of classical sculpture. In the Palace of Conservatives there are world-famous ancient statues, a collection of paintings of the Renaissance, a collection of coins. The main part of the Palace of Senators is occupied by the City Hall of Rome, the first floor is reserved for the museum.
Address:Piazza del Campidoglio, Roma
Phone:+39 06 0608


One of the most amazing piazzas in all of Rome. Designed by Michelangelo, the buildings are now museums. Amazing to see, even from the outside. The statues alone, dazzle. An absolute treat to stumble upon while walking around Rome.


Beautifully designed square. It offers a one of a kind view to the city once you get to the top of the hill (just follow the paved road). It is absolutely outstanding at night when it's all lit up and not full of tourists.


Admire the beautiful Renaissance-era palaces that still serve as Rome's city halls in conjunction as the Capitoline Museums. Appreciate how Michelangelo used the building arrangement and even the ground pattern to create one of the unique plazas that.. Read more »


The heart of Rome! You can feel and breath the history. The building is constructed on the ancient archive ruins. The great Michelangelo has built these 3 new palaces on the ruins of Roman Empire=)) If you like history you have to visit this place, .. Read more »


Beautiful, but in fact it is a grand square, like many others in Rome, at the same time absolutely unique. Huge quantitatively unique sculptures and of course the romatic steps. Here is also a wonderful view! Come here once and you will come many tim.. Read more »


Unexpectedly beautiful (but then again, what’s not beautiful about Rome?) and interesting given that this place offers so many sights within such short distances. There is the ancient ruins, the beautiful manors and nearby, the Reunification Square. .. Read more »


Fabulous stairway up to the museum and city hall. Rewarded at the top with a great view back across the Roman Forum towards the Coliseum. You can then walk down behind the National Monument (wedding cake) towards Trajan's Market. Well worth the v.. Read more »


A happy confusion of many buildings- Rome's town hall - an important museum - Ara Coeli church. With great views over Rome


A great place to take a break from the mid day sun. Extremely friendly staff. My husband is blind, he was given special gloves so that he could actually touch some of the magnificent statues in their collection. Highly recommend


Italy is magnificent. The carvings, molds, heights,design, color combinations are truly amazing.


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