Ca d'Oro Palace

Venice, Italy
3.8 / 5
The official name of the building is the palace of St. Sophia. The building was built in the XV century. Architects Bartolomeo and Giovanni Bona commissioned one of the most powerful Venetian families. Gold leaf was used for exterior decoration, but to this day it has not been preserved. At the end of the XIX century, the mansion was acquired by Baron Giorgio Franchetti. The aristocrat collected a large collection of paintings, which together with the house went to the state after his death.
Ca d'Oro Palace
Address:Fondamenta Trapolin, 3932, Venezia
Phone:+39 041 522 2349
Hours:monday: 08:15–14:00 tuesday: 08:15–19:15 wednesday: 08:15–19:15 thursday: 08:15–19:15 friday: 08:15–19:15 saturday: 08:15–19:15 sunday: 08:15–19:15


The place is amazing. Lots of well preserved history. The entrance fee is not very expensive. The views and the experience is well worth it. Imagine yourself standing there where people used to and looking at that fabulous, remarkable canal. The entr.. Read more »


Interesting small museum with a mix of sculptures and paintings from the late middle ages and early renaissance with amazing modern pieces in a stunning Venetian mansion. Well worth an hour wander through.


Do not go when most of the museum is closed. They said second floor only was open but not even the whole second floor was open (pottery room closed). They shouldn’t be open now because even at the reduced price it is disappointing to not see the key .. Read more »


Nothing special and too pricy. I expected great interiors but nothing of a kind.. not bad gallery but too expensive for content. There's much to see in Venice and this building is good enough from other bank of river


Well preserved location. The ground floor is affected by aqua alta so be careful.


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