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★ 4.6

Byzantine And Christian Museum

Athens, Greece
4.6 / 27
The museum presents a collection of Byzantine and post-Byzantine art, covering a time period of 15 centuries. It houses an impressive collection of valuable icons. The museum was opened in 1914, in 1930 he moved to the task of the former villa of the Duchess of Piacenza. In addition to icons, statues, church vestments, ceramics, prints, manuscripts, mosaics, dishes and much more are stored in museum collections.
Address:Leoforos Vasilissis Sofias 22, Athina
Phone:+30 21 3213 9517
Hours:monday: 08:30–16:00 tuesday: Closed wednesday: 08:30–16:00 thursday: 08:30–16:00 friday: 08:30–16:00 saturday: 08:30–16:00 sunday: 08:30–16:00

Kee Qian Ling

Great place to go to if you enjoy Byzantine and Christian history. This place features Byzantine art and artifacts, including coins, textiles, archaeo.. Read more »

S. Pytlik-Twele

One of the best museums in Athens. Beautifully organized and displayed pieces. Tells a great story in a great environment. It's not a huge museum, so .. Read more »

George Ellinas

A 'must visit' gem of a museum in Athens, in my opinion! I don't know why many overlook the important Byzantine Era, which was rich in art and religi.. Read more »

Petros Dorizas

An excellent introduction to the medieval Roman Empire which will leave you wanting more. The museum opens with the transition from antiquity into th.. Read more »

Caius Bernardi

An authentic "must" for a visit in Athens, specially for all history and art lovers. Very well organized and explained collection going through all th.. Read more »

Bitu Williams

Very quiet and well laid out museum. Lots to see and enjoy in the museum. Just a bit of a walk away and you can see changing of the guard

Vasi Vasi

Excellent museum collection, maybe the greatest around! At first I thought it would just cover the 11 centuries of the Byzantine Empire, but it had so.. Read more »

Robert Pal

Amazing art! Very well preserved from centuries ago. I recommend the combined ticket for 15 EUR (it includes 4 museums: Archaeological, Byzantine, Num.. Read more »

Ej Simply

€8 the ticket. Definitely worth a visit. Much more to see than expected as most of the museum is below ground.

Ramez Salem

One of the most beautiful museums in Athens, we enjoyed every moment, full of history from the Byzantine period, definitely worth this conference, you.. Read more »

Mar David

Loved the well-preserved early Christian artefacts, especially the ichthys, good shepherd figure and martyr's table. Painting and murals were stunning.. Read more »

James Leckey

Very expansive and educational. The way it's presented you can get very close to the paintings/murals and appreciate all the fine details. The tempora.. Read more »

Gaylon McCance

Some very nice paintings, great history commentary and great selection of gold coins. Enjoyable. Some things are duplicates of other museums and it he.. Read more »

Оксана Чекмачева

One of the best museums to visit! Great and informative exposition, very well organized. 10/10, I loved it to the very core.

Kirk Wilson

Well presented two hour experience. Reduced rates only for EU citizens. Well organized, larger than appearing exhibit halls, mostly subterranean. Take.. Read more »


We thoroughly enjoyed our visit here. We learned a great deal about the history of our faith and felt grateful that all of these gorgeous relics have .. Read more »

Spyridon Kakouris (Spiros

One third of The museum was closed off with no apparent reason. The collection is of mixed quality and importance as well. In one hour you will have g.. Read more »


Beautiful museum rich in history and elegantly designed for ease of the visitor. Open, self-paced, and air conditioned.

Josh Miller

The art here is absolutely beautiful! Unfortunately the experience is destroyed by employees literally following you and watching your every move. I’m.. Read more »

Павел Захаров

Very interesting quiet museum! Must see for those who interested in Byzantine art.

Thomas Debois

Incredibly interesting museum -a must for those interested in the history of the Byzantine Empire/Eastern Roman Empire.


Good place for half a day. Byzantine and Christian art of all ages.

Byron Alexander

Well laid out museum showing a great variety of Byzantine art.

anguis solitary

The Byzantine and Christian Museum (Greek: Βυζαντινό και Χριστιανικό Μουσείο) is situated at Vassilissis Sofias Avenue in Athens, Greece. It was found.. Read more »

Kamlesh Joshi

Great history. Priceless treasures.

David Wright

A fascinating insight into the Byzantine world, its faith and its art, leading to the emergence of modern day Greece. The interpretation material is w.. Read more »

Malc Hutchison

Excellent exciting. Very well laid out with good descriptions of exhibits.

davide ardu

wonderful collections of Byzantium art crafts on history. At the first floor have some exposition, at my time was one of Chinese art

Dimitrios Manolas

Good overall experience. Nice spatial ambiance. Needs more work. Some of their employees were really rude.

mohammed el amine cheklal

A visit in time

Pedro Zunino

Very interesting museum about Christian and Byzantine art and history. Wonderful collections of orthodox icons, one of the biggest in the world. Also,.. Read more »

Anja UG

A nice museum with a lot of information. While we enjoyed the museum, 12€ per person felt a bit much for the experience provided. There is not a lot o.. Read more »


Amazing museum. Underrated compared to other museums in Athens. Lots of information and a unique, very much appreciated way of exhibiting artworks. Th.. Read more »