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Budynok Ofitseriv Flotu

Mykolaiv, Ukraine
4.8 / 5
Budynok Ofitseriv Flotu
Address:вулиця Артилерійська, 7, Миколаїв

Nuta Yurgenson

On summer evenings, open-air cinema is shown here. But for me personally, the most interesting is the house of naval officers, which is in disrepair a.. Read more »

Laslo Sulyma

The place is currently being actively renovated. The MyArt team and caring residents are recovering little by little DOF, which is worthy of respect)

nikola tesla

Convenient store with a good selection of quality drinks

Марианна Цымбалюк

Only today I learned that this place is 196 years old! It's cool that it was revived, they hold concerts, watch films ... Thanks to those people who a.. Read more »

Алеся Самиленко

movies, exhibitions, lectures. this is a great place for solitude or family vacation

Gennadiy Yevtushenko

The House of Fleet Officers, once the building of the former "House of Flagships and Commanders", the "Sea Assembly" and one of the main cultural cent.. Read more »

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