Buda Castle

Budapest, Hungary
4.9 / 10
A fortress with reliable walls guarding the ancient capital of Buda in the past. The Buda Castle has existed since the 13th century; it was built to protect it from raids by the Mongol Tatars at the behest of King Bel IV. A royal castle and three churches were erected inside the fort (St. Nicholas, Mary Magdalene, the Virgin). Under King Sigismund, a castle appeared in the fortress New Palace with a roomy knight's hall for tournaments.
Buda Castle
Buda Castle
Address:Budapest, Szent György tér 2
Phone:+36 1 458 3000


The Buda side of the River Danube is Budapest offers wonderful sights. The view across the river shows the Parliament building in all its glory. Views in both directions show grandeur of this famous river. A visit to Buda Castle is a MUST! You can tr.. Read more »


Beautiful place and a Must see! I happened to be there around the Hungarian national day, where The festival of folk arts was taking place and it was an amazing experience! People were offering lots of handcrafted items, foods, drinks, concerts and f.. Read more »


A must visit on your Budapest break. Incredible architecture and statues. Scenic views across the Danube to Pest. Military museum is good. You can get meals that have some green items ( from memory they are called vegetables). Fairly wheelchair frien.. Read more »


Beautiful place (gardens beneath also) and great views!! The restoration of it is fantastic and how accessible they have made it for people to wander around. I even found a random tunnel in side and walked down it in the dark! Bit spooky but fun!


Picturesque and an absolute must see when you’re in Budapest. We walked around and explored on our own and stumbled upon some hidden gems. Also some truly spectacular views of the city to be had from all over the castle. Enjoyed a nice lunch there as.. Read more »


Outstanding views! Definitely a must go for anyone visiting Budapest. We're still blown away by the beautiful landscape around the castle. Try coming here around sunset time so you can have an even better experience. The city really shines when is da.. Read more »


Really nice place. The meandering walk up the side is much whiter and I preferred it. The town at the top is lovely and the views are amazing. Well worth a visit for any tourist to Hungary and locals too. It’s a must see if you’re in Hungary. Prefera.. Read more »


Beautiful castle. Worth a closer look. Interesting museum. Although it might require a few more interactive elements or more engaging elements. A little static and could be a little more exciting with more sensory elements, more artists impressions o.. Read more »


Architecture marvel! The buildings have an essence of their own, and that’s what makes Buda & Pest stand out in whole of the Europe! Go around exploring the buildings, sit near the lake side to just relax. Eat & dine in the near by cafes ❤️


Great view a must go if u visiting Budapest! Really enjoyed our time there !


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