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Brooklyn Bridge

New York, USA
4.9 / 27
Suspension bridge over the East River, connecting Manhattan with Brooklyn. The length of the bridge is more than 1800, its width is 26 meters, and the maximum height above the river is 41 meters. For more than 130 years, the engineering structure has been a symbol of US technological progress. And one of the most iconic New York attractions. For a tourist, a walk along the Brooklyn Bridge is like making a sacred rite, without which a visit to New York cannot take place.
Address:Brooklyn Bridge, New York

A lovely walk and the best view of Manhattan and Brooklyn too! There are also vendors selling souvenirs and things along the bridge which is fun brows.. Read more »
Definitely worth a walk up. In my 30+ years of visiting this great city this was my first walk up the bridge. So glad I did it too. I did it at night .. Read more »
Brooklyn bridge is one of my favourite places in NYC right now. Beautiful and well maintained besides the history behind it. I loved knowing a bit mor.. Read more »
Great Bridge from where you can see a lot. Best to go for this walk in the morning when there are fewer people. The lats are not all fastened down ful.. Read more »
It's one of the iconic locations in New York City, and you can see the fantastic view of the city's skyline. You can enjoy the walk and can cross the .. Read more »
Amazing views from the bridge and it’s actually a nice walk. You can probably do your 10,000 steps for the day from one end to the other and back lol... Read more »
I recently completed the walk from Downtown Brooklyn across the Brooklyn Bridge to get into Lower Manhattan to One World Trade (then back across), and.. Read more »
Hey, she's been standing proud since May, 1883, so the bridge speaks for itself! We walked across this bridge for the first time and had a magnificen.. Read more »
I recently completed the walk from Downtown Brooklyn across the Brooklyn Bridge to get into Lower Manhattan to One World Trade (then back across), and.. Read more »
This is a beautiful bridge, it is extremely packed on the weekend and the people make it sometimes tough to enjoy. It's amazing they made a bike lane.. Read more »
Unforgettable experience. Great view of Manhattan. Choice to walk, take pics, enjoy with family, and even ride a bike, even this is not necessary some.. Read more »
Brooklyn bridge- an absolute must see.. must walk.. must visit..! if u do walk it walk from Brooklyn to Manhattan and you'll have tons of great pictur.. Read more »
Walking on the Brooklyn Bridge is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful walks in the world! The best promenade with the best view. Given the length o.. Read more »
When my friends first see Brooklyn Bridge they are usually mesmerized by its sheer size! And it is indeed and amazing place, giving opportunity for a .. Read more »
I love this bridge! I have visited it twice and i always enjoy taking pictures there. You can also go under the bridge on the water side, very nice pl.. Read more »
There are tourists. There are always tourists. There will always be tourists. Perhaps you think biking the bridge is a good idea, and then you almost .. Read more »
This very long Bridge is such a special extra for your trip in New York. Just walking over it, seeing a lot of people who are taking pictures and stuf.. Read more »
on the pedestrian side or you will get an earful from cyclists. Due to the pandemic there aren’t a lot of tourists out. Those that were, were mostly w.. Read more »
Very beautiful and iconic bridge, most of the people on the bridge are kind and respectful of traffic even thought both cyclist and pedestrians essent.. Read more »
I saw this one in many old Hollywood films which might be the reason for getting excited to see it. Along with the other few bridges of NY city, some .. Read more »
An iconic absolute. No point in going just to the Brooklyn Bridge. Do Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridge both. Photograph both from the other. Try to get t.. Read more »
Wow! What an amazing bridge with an incredible design! I've always wanted to go visit this bridge and it did nothing disappoint. The walk across is ab.. Read more »
Walking the Brooklyn bridge is an experience you will not forget. Early morning or at dusk is a great time to walk the bridge. Be mindful of the bicyc.. Read more »
Very scenic indeed. The structure is open, and the walkway is over the traffic so the only thing blocking your views are the cables; no massive trusse.. Read more »
If you are in NY for vacation or for a business trip, and you are looking for an amazing experience you have to go to the Brooklyn bridge! A great wa.. Read more »
Truly one of the most beautiful places in New York City. We tend to show up at the crack of dawn because it gets really busy! You never know what the .. Read more »
Seeing/walking across the BK Bridge in all its glory is a privilege everyone should enjoy... Americans built that bridge .. Built our skyscrapers... Read more »