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Bronze Horseman

St. Petersburg, Russia
4.7 / 13
Monument dedicated to the founder of the city, Peter the Great, located on Senate Square. The Bronze Horseman appeared at the request of Empress Catherine II. She conceived to perpetuate the image of Peter in a magnificent figure with a scepter, dressed in the clothes of the Roman emperor, but the sculptor Falconet thought differently. He represented Peter as the creator, benefactor of Russia. The result is a monument where Peter patronizingly “extends his right hand” over the country.
Bronze Horseman
Address:Сенатская площадь, Санкт-Петербург

Satish Jha

Very nice place just on Alexander park n neva river side

Olga Ilina

Beautiful during sunset. Nice picnic area. Beautiful small park.

Vasilis Kos.

Impressive statue, but there are others, much more impressive in Russia.

Максим Успенский

Most popular and powerful place in the Saint-Petersburg. Must see!

ramesh khetani

Beautiful 18 C City Landmark bronze monument, Equastrian statue of Peter the great, commissioned by Catherine the great, named for a Pushkin poem Bron.. Read more »

Sebastian Kluth

The Bronze Horseman is a stunning statue of Peter the Great situated in the beautiful Senate Square. The statue's pedestal is believed to have been th.. Read more »

Eugene Eremchenko

One kf the most recognized monuments in Russia with rich history. Amazing landscape and quite modern design even now...

Oleg Naumov

Buildings of Senate and Synod built in 1829-1834 by Russian Architect Carlo di Giovanni Rossi (1775-1849) who was born in Naples but became Russian su.. Read more »

Zaki Hofra

Top of the top places to rest and enjoy the city after long walking.

MJ Omidi

Magnificent Statue of Peter the Great on a 1,250 t heavy Thunder Stone.

Kevin Beck

Ok place to get your pictures done for souvenirs nice park area too. Stay away from costume picture people crooks high prices charge you more than ask.. Read more »

Balázs Kádár

Nice iconic statue, huge square. Every way have some interesting.

Vincent Oliver

An impressive sculpture, both in size, detail and symbolism of Peter the Great on a stallion rising up and the rear hoof trampling a huge snake ( Pete.. Read more »

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