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Brandenburg Gate

Berlin, Germany
4.8 / 17
An important architectural monument of Berlin with special symbolic significance. In 1871 a solemn procession of Prussian regiments passed through the gates, which marked the proclamation of the German Empire. In 1933, the famous Nazi torchlight procession took place here and the "Millennium Reich" was proclaimed. After World War II, the Brandenburg Gate became the border of the division of Germany into West and East.
Brandenburg Gate
Brandenburg Gate
Address:Pariser Platz, Berlin

Mark Twineham

Big gate, one of the things it's good to see at some point in your life, plenty of history here. Relaxed atmosphere and many coffee shops around the s.. Read more »

M Lodge

A great photographic opportunity. Hopefully you don't have some basically naked man in front of it getting in the way of some good photos like we did... Read more »

VD Makwana

It's feel like i am in Delhi at India gate. If you see from the centre to the victory tower. Amazing experience. Would love to visit again and again ❤.. Read more »

Josefa Dias de Andréia

Historic site of Berlin, built by the King of Prussia to close the city of Berlin. There were other gates but this gave access to the main (and most b.. Read more »

Joe Junior P. Rickerby

My father and I saw this fabulous monument on the second day of our trip to Berlin, Germany ?? in June 2012. It's probably one of the most popular att.. Read more »

Emily Wilson

The gate was built at the request of the King of Prussia. Inside the door are sculptures from the baroque period. The door was very glamorous. It is o.. Read more »


Brandenburg Gate was really impressive... I really liked it very much. The German authorities have done a lot of work that should be praised and appla.. Read more »

Mateusz Zamiatowski

Lovely place, loads of police security. There are many embassies nearby. Looks great during Christmas time as the decorations are splendid. Big Christ.. Read more »

Georgios Stathakis

One of the most popular tourist attractions in Berlin. An 18th century neoclassical monument that remains unchanged until today, still depicting the h.. Read more »

Keren Amaya Santodomingo

Loved visiting this place and understanding the link to reunification. I really enjoyed Berlin and this place of course is part of those mandatory vis.. Read more »

Tsveta Tozeva

This is the symbol of Berlin and Germany. A historic place with a very rich history. I recommend to visit it.?


Regardless of the thousands of people here taking pictures during the day time, i had great memories of this place. We accidentally ended up at the sa.. Read more »

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Ogy Kovachev

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I've visited this historical and monumental gate in Berlin for a couple time. It still amazes me of how it reflects peace and unification of a great n.. Read more »

Alisher Yoriev

I think everyone who visits Berlin should come to Brandenburg gate. Awesome atmosphere and beautiful touristic attraction (especially at night) with a.. Read more »

P Wooten

I enjoyed the location. It is a crowded area as it’s a major historical landmark. Loads of food options and a subway stop is next to it, so helpful fo.. Read more »

Thad Z

Awesome place to see. Full of historical sites all around. Some where even free. With it outside and nice weather you can enjoy and social distanc.. Read more »

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