Brandenburg Gate

Berlin, Germany
4.6 / 5
An important architectural monument of Berlin with special symbolic significance. In 1871 a solemn procession of Prussian regiments passed through the gates, which marked the proclamation of the German Empire. In 1933, the famous Nazi torchlight procession took place here and the "Millennium Reich" was proclaimed. After World War II, the Brandenburg Gate became the border of the division of Germany into West and East.
Brandenburg Gate
Brandenburg Gate
Address:Pariser Platz, Berlin


Definitely something to see while you're in Berlin. Yes it's full of tourists from all over and there are signs warning of the pickpocket schemes, but it's the same as with any popular tourist spot. Definitely don't let that stop you from seeing it. .. Read more »


One of the most Popular tourist attraction in Berlin. You will find many cafes, restaurant and entertaining activities which are carried out at the destination. Visit during day, has many attraction at the place. But I specially like the place durin.. Read more »


This is historical gate with full accessibility for Disabled and senior citizens beautiful garden outside and inside washroom facilities available for disabled and senior citizens beautiful weather. Good place with great fun and delicious food availa.. Read more »


One from the bucket list. An iconic site that appeals to many. Well worth seeing. It was central and easy to get too. Very near the museum to the murders Jews and some lovely restaurants nearby. Standing on history when you are here.


This is a historical gate with full accessibility for the disabled and senior citizens. A beautiful garden outside and inside, washroom facilities available for the disabled and senior citizens usually also a beautiful weather. Good place to have gre.. Read more »


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