Berlin Schönefeld Airport

Berlin, Germany
2.8 / 10
Berlin Schönefeld Airport
Address:Flughafen Schönefeld, Berlin
Phone:+49 30 60911150


Berlin to Barcelona. It was OK - first experience on easyJet. Airport more disorganized (no maps) and passengers more unruly than anticipated. Self service check in, Terminal B, for boarding passes and luggage (if you’re crazy enough to have checked .. Read more »


It is one of the airports at Berlin Germany. It is close to a train station. I had more security checks (2) prior to departure from here. This is not the usual case in most of the airports I been to. Also on arrival, the passport control was really l.. Read more »


Berlin deserves a much larger airport with more facilities. The lounge for Business and First class travellers is far below the average standard, accessible only by stairs with no bathrooms. Food in there is very limited and seating capacity is limit.. Read more »


Berlin airports manage to make flying feel like a punishment. Prepare to travel back in time to what feels like an airport from the 70s- in a poor country. And to sit on the floor like all the other travelers. Because who needs seating..


One of the worst Airports I have ever been. It feels like back in time to old times. Even in Cuba the airport is much better and nicer. The Airport is pretty small, many passengers, everything is very slow, staff very unfriendly.


Con: Not many stores or restaurants. Pro: Easy to get through, easy to find things. You can charge your phone at charging stations throughout the waiting area.


Literally the worst airport I have ever been too, after going through security you are welcomed by daylight robbery. 7 euros for 2 bottles of water is offer as a deal!! The only thing that would make it feel better is if the cashier worker would hold.. Read more »


Doesn't feel like an airport at all, rather feels like an industrial shed from where your allowed to board planes. Not a very large or a very planned airport. More like planned on the go as and when required. Don't expect great facilities but basic s.. Read more »


This is one of the massive airports that I have seen till now. The taxiing part took twenty minutes, phew!! I was just transiting through this airport and had a very good experience. Immigration was super smooth, thanks to the authorities. The peopl.. Read more »


It's just... an airport... Overall rating is just... Okay... I don't agree with others. It's not a restaurant but an airport. I like when there is a place to eat at the airport but I don't expect it to have French cosine and beluga caviar. There is .. Read more »


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