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Berlin Cathedral Church

Berlin, Germany
4.9 / 12
The largest Protestant church in Germany, is located within the Museum Island. The cathedral was built in the era of Kaiser Wilhelm II and was conceived as a German analogue of St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican. The building simply dazzles with its solemn and majestic architecture. It feels like it was built by giants. The observation deck of the temple offers a magnificent panoramic view of Berlin.
Address:Am Lustgarten, Berlin
Phone:+49 30 20269152
Hours:monday: 09:00–19:00 tuesday: 09:00–19:00 wednesday: 09:00–19:00 thursday: 09:00–19:00 friday: 09:00–19:00 saturday: 09:00–19:00 sunday: 09:00–19:00

You can’t pass by this piece of architecture art and not stop to appreciate this beauty. Seriously like where do I start?! The design? The colours? Th.. Read more »
This was one of the top places in Berlin to visit. You had to buy tickets at a machine outside the cathedral. An adult ticket was €9 and got in up to.. Read more »
The view from the top is fantastic, and this is an amazingly grand cathedral from the inside and outside. It takes more than 200 steps to reach the t.. Read more »
Beautiful cathedral. We were fortunate to be there at about mid day when a service was going on. The organ was being played and the music really ver.. Read more »
This is a tricky one. There is a cost to go in and there are lockers to store baggage. The cathedral inside is a real mix of architectural styles, col.. Read more »
Beautiful cathedral, about on the scale of St Paul's. Currently under renovation but still an awesome (original meaning of the word) piece of architec.. Read more »
A monumental Evangelical church on the Museum Island in the centre of Berlin right next to Spree River. It is a must- see place for everyone because t.. Read more »
Really nice place €9.00 per adult for the Cathedral and the dome. You can stay in the Cathedral as long as you like but when go up to the dome there i.. Read more »
Amazing views from the panoramic viewpoint. Slightly tiring walk up for the aged. Nice cafe outside to sit by river. Beautiful craftsmanship inside. €.. Read more »
A monumental Evangelical church on the Museum Island in the centre of Berlin right next to Spree River. It is a must- see place for everyone because t.. Read more »
You can’t pass by this piece of architecture art and not stop to appreciate this beauty. Seriously like where do I start?! The design? The colours? Th.. Read more »
The Berlin Cathedral is a marvel of neoclassical architecture. One of the most stunning churches I’ve been in, with a refined level of architectural a.. Read more »
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It's a beautiful Cathedral to visit! walking around the square is a pleasant thing to do, rivers and museums in the island make this place a must go p.. Read more »
Very impressive and beautiful church. Remember to go up in the top. The 250+ stairs is rewarded with a magnificent view of Berlin. Today the experienc.. Read more »
This is very near to Brandenburg tor and you can also walk till here if it’s a nice sunny day. The blue color of the dome is exceptionally beautiful a.. Read more »
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A wonderful cathedral where huge number of people can offer prayers at once. This place consists of extraordinary piece of artwork. The place is histo.. Read more »
The Berlin Cathedral (German: Berliner Dom) is a Protestant church and dynastic tomb on the Museum Island in Berlin. Built from 1894 to 1905 by order .. Read more »
The Berlin Cathedral is a must see historical building in the city centre. Beautiful architecture that really changes depending on the time of day or .. Read more »
The magnificent dome of the Cathedral Church (Berliner Dom) is one of the main landmarks in Berlin’s cityscape – and marks the spot of the impressive .. Read more »
Recommend!!! This cathedral is so photogenic... I love every click I made of this building irrespective of if I am in the photo or not. I would recom.. Read more »
One of Berlin’s main attractions. It’s located on the museum island, close to many other historical buildings. It’s a must-visit when you’re in Berlin.. Read more »
Beautiful inside and out. If you are thinking of visiting the top (amazing view by the way), make sure you are ready for the stairs (there are billion.. Read more »
Such a beauty. I believe it is a must seen in Berlin. And the view that you can enjoy from above is breathtaking where Berlin is in a panoramic view f.. Read more »
It is a very beautiful building that is just in the center of Berlin very close to the Humboldt University and TV Tower. The cathedral looks great and.. Read more »
I didn't get to go inside as it was late in the evening of my one day trip to Berlin. What I did do was walk around the complex area and swallowed in .. Read more »
Absolutely divine. I will most definitely visit again. The cathedral is out of this world and if one is up for it albeit its physically demanding if y.. Read more »
Another amazing spot in Berlin !! I couldn’t climb the Dom, but it should be worth a try. Next time for sure !!
Beautiful church, you can go up to the top of the tower and have and amazing view
Immaculate cathedral. We went all the way to the dome, is actually not as exhausting as it seems. You should definitely do it if you’re feeling fit. O.. Read more »
so beautiful Dom with amazing city view. You need climb a little bit on top, but it's an important point, must do. Only 7€/adult, this place is not on.. Read more »