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★ 4.7

Benaki Museum

Athens, Greece
4.7 / 29
Private collection, which was founded in 1930 by A. Benakis in the territory of his family mansion. The owner collected the collection for 35 years and handed it over to the state. Anthony himself, until his death, served as head of the museum. The exposition consists of works of Greek art. Ceramics, textiles, prints, sculptures, jewelry and church utensils are exhibited here. The museum also has several paintings by El Greco.
Address:Koumpari 1, Athina
Phone:+30 21 0367 1000
Hours:monday: Closed tuesday: Closed wednesday: 10:00–18:00 thursday: 10:00–23:30 friday: 10:00–18:00 saturday: 10:00–23:30 sunday: 10:00–16:00

Maggie Kiara

I wasn't expecting much, but this museum is a really enjoyable escape from the rest of Athens. It's air conditioned, and admission is free for those u.. Read more »

Francois Herisson

Nice antiquity objects and icons. The rest is less interesting, but this is personal. That said, the 3rd floor was closed, the rooftop as well, and st.. Read more »

Terry & Tanya Norris

Athens is one of my favorite places in the world! I love lunch on the rooftop here and the museum is amazing. Mrs. B has an amazing collections! I’ll .. Read more »

M Reaves

An amazing collection of cultural artifacts from thousand of years BC to the 1800s. It is €12 for the main collection and also have special collection.. Read more »

Natali Veleska

Wonderful museum with a wide range of historical treasures from most of the cultures that thrived on the territory on Greece. The collection is though.. Read more »

Spyros Papavassiliou

A museum centred around Greek history and culture from ancient years to today. Entrance fee could be argued to be a bit steep, but I consider the expe.. Read more »

Leo Walker

Pretty good museum, based on private collections of collectors. An interesting collection of jewelry, a lot of interesting ceramics. And there is ev.. Read more »

Rebecca K

Fabulous! Make sure to use the audio tour, which is available through QR codes. The guide must be more than 3 hours in total, but the codes are tied t.. Read more »

Laura Alexandra (Lulu)

If you are staying longer in Athens, than this is worth doing. I would not priorities it given there are so many nicer and more interesting things to .. Read more »

Adam Webb

It’s alright, buy a ticket beforehand because queuing takes forever, how hard is it to buy a ticket? The museum itself had a few cool things, top floo.. Read more »


This is a must! The curation is outstanding, such a great eye for presentation. Cool that it is in a mansion which makes it a little less overwhelming.. Read more »

Ioannis Pitsios

Beautiful Museum. Worth going even for a short in time museum walk. It will give you a nice view of the history of the Hellenic peninsula

Max Heintel

Mid size museum with many types of works spanning Greece's history and culture. Decent information provided alongside the works. Decently organized co.. Read more »

Antonia Fthenakis

Permanent exhibit is as always beautiful and powerful display of Byzantine icons. Current exhibit was also very well curated. Best part is sitting in .. Read more »

Marianne Howell Wright

I especially liked the icons because of the colors and gold. It's a wonderful museum and a half a day wasn't really enough. The exhibits were well org.. Read more »

Lars Karlsson

Very nice ”quick” history museum. Good view from terrass, but not so good menu or prices. Have a coffee here and eat somewhere else.

Kirk Wilson

A hidden gem. Wonderful displays, excellent in all respects. Be sure to take rooms in order but leave energy and time for later rooms on upper floors... Read more »

Jsjdjjdjd Ndjxjdjd

Good looking around. Great things to be seen and close to many other museums. 12€ the ticket but worth.


We really enjoyed this museum, though I wouldn’t recommend paying the extra € for the temporary exhibits. They are nice but not worth the time/money. .. Read more »

Antonia Scott

Interesting museum. Quite small considering the full price ticket is 12€. On Thursday the museum has free entry, so if you wish to visit I highly reco.. Read more »

Stew Levine

Excellent collection. Not as overwhelming as some other museums in Greece. Good for getting out of the afternoon heat.

Brian Ferris

One of the best museums I have been to. It starts with the Neolithic age in Greece and goes all the way through Greece Independence in 1821. The audi.. Read more »

Eshani Weerasinghe

I loved the collection in the Benaki Museum. It was also in a logical order that can be followed. The museum also has a lovely cafe in case you get a.. Read more »

Gerald Perry Marin

I was initially hesitant because I have seen a lot of museums already, but what’s outstanding here is the 1st floor - the costumes and relics and grea.. Read more »

Anastasis Zachariou

Nice museum displaying numerous artifacts from private collections. It is not "the" most important to see in my opinion but it's relatively small size.. Read more »

Dmitry Aniskin

The museum is a big collection of beautiful artifacts from all periods of Greek history. The first floor with items from Ancient Greece is probably th.. Read more »

Mike X

Stick with the permanent exhibit. It's a really fascinating walk through history of art in the area. Bring your phone and headphones to scan QR codes .. Read more »

Elena HadjiAntoniou

A must visit museum. A well organised place, beautiful artefacts, lots of historical costumes and the best documentation on the Greek revolution.

anguis solitary

The Benaki Museum, established and endowed in 1930 by Antonis Benakis in memory of his father Emmanuel Benakis, is housed in the Benakis family mansio.. Read more »

Dimitrios A

Amazing museum. The staff at the cafe can be snobbish at times.

Julie Buchan

The Benaki Museum has an extensive collection of art, artifacts and textiles. I wish I could have explored for longer, especially the textiles which w.. Read more »

Alice_ nailart_Wonderland

Museum in the center of Athens showing mostly Byzantine historical pieces and history. I visited the Robert McCabe exhibition today which was a perfec.. Read more »


A fantastic private collection presentation the story of Greece in a beautiful building. Also, great cafeteria for a coffee or a nice lunch with stunn.. Read more »

Nardine Ayman

First of all, it's the greatest place if you want to know about the old Greek Islands, Egypt cultures and the old Iconography. They had a lovely café .. Read more »

Evelyn Smith

Museum is well establish and there is lots of knowledge to gain. I will definitely visit again and again!!

christian lemmer-diedrich

Absolutely fantastic. Especially for everybody who is not only interested in ancient Greek history. Very friendly staff and a really nice cafe. Worth .. Read more »


Lots of interesting exhibits and great arty interior things in the shop!

Luba B

I really enjoyed my visit to this museum. Wish there was more time. The embroidery on display was very impressive. I've yet to see such an extensive c.. Read more »