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Bellevue Palace

Berlin, Germany
4.5 / 10
The facility is located in the Tiergarten park. It is used as the residence of the President of Germany. During the time of the German Empire, Bellevue belonged to the ruling family and was used as the summer palace of one of the princes. After the fall of the monarchy, he became the property of the state, in 1935 the Museum of Applied Arts was located on the territory. Inside the building you can get only at a certain time once a week.
Bellevue Palace
Address:Spreeweg 1, Berlin
Phone:+49 30 20000

Kyle A. Klopfenstein

Incredibly gorgeous architecture, a beautiful park around it, historically significant- a must see!

Bobin Sresta

One of the unique palace that you can find in Germany. Just dont miss it, if you are near to brandenburg gate or victory column.


Bellevue Palace - stylish and historical object.

GuD StoL

Great building, worth of visit. So important ? nearby park, nearby Brandenburg, near very centre. Recomend stopping there and walk by the river, or jo.. Read more »

Judith Gantschnigg

Nice palace.. but you can't go inside or anything.. the surrounding area is really nice tho.

Hassan AG

The palace of the German president is a high class design. I crossed by in the evening and looked magnificent. I would recommend tourists to visit the.. Read more »

Ivan England

Only seen it from the outside, but the grass is nice.


Hope you can see the president


The lawn is the best place to take a nap.

Follow Our Steps

The home of the German president is a beautiful building along the river

Alexander K.

Bellevue Palace is official residence of the President of Germany. Designed by architect Michael Philipp Boumann, Schloss Bellevue was erected in 1786.. Read more »

Ahmad Abueisa

I stopped by (I took bus 100 double-deck), and walked around the Palace. The area is quiet. I liked the park also.

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