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Belém Tower

Lisbon, Portugal
4.4 / 26
An architectural monument of the 16th century, listed by UNESCO. The tower was erected in honor of the opening of Vasco da Gama to India, at different times it housed: a defensive fort, a powder warehouse, a prison, and a customs point. The construction was erected in the unique Portuguese style of Manuelino, almost lost by the XIX century. The facade and interior of the tower are decorated with priceless monuments of the era of great geographical discoveries.
Address:Av. Brasília, Lisboa
Phone:+351 21 362 0034

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Belém Tower (Portuguese: Torre de Belém, pronounced [ˈtoʁ(ɨ) dɨ bɨˈlɐ̃ȷ̃]), officially the Tower of Saint Vincent (Portuguese: Torre de São Vicente) i.. Read more »
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It's beautiful but the view from inside is not much different from what you can see from outside, so I wouldn't pay again to get in
MUST SEE as well if you are coming to Lisbon.
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Very nice and open place. You can be safe after dark! This is a really good place to hang out. Beautiful view, nice area. I like the lights at night.. Read more »