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Bayerische Staatsoper

Munich, Germany
4.9 / 7
The main opera house in Munich, where one of the most respected music groups in the world plays - the Bavarian State Orchestra. The venue hosts the Munich Opera Festival. More than 300 performances are given here annually, leading performers are invited to the main roles. The repertoire includes works by famous German composers and the best masterpieces of world opera.
Bayerische Staatsoper
Bayerische Staatsoper
Address:Max-Joseph-Platz 2, München
Phone:+49 89 218501

Tamás Bokor

World-class singers, world-class orchestra, passable catering, moderately expensive. Many seats with restricted view, to various degrees


Really nice theater. What I find particularly cool is the possibility to buy really cheap tickets for every show, like 11 euros for stehplatz. Of cour.. Read more »

Paul Varga

Hard to find an even more impressive building than Staatsoper at Max-Joseph-Platz in Munich between Odeonsplatz and Marienplatz. Such beautiful moment.. Read more »

Patrick Krizan

One of the best Opera Houses in the World!

Wolfgang Mayrhofer

fantastic performances , world class voices and witty direction

Willy Tanner

A review of the building look from outside.

Antonis Maronikolakis

Absolutely stunning, and the performance was great as well. For people under 30, tickets can be dirt cheap if bought early. Highly recommend it!

Sergey O.

The ballet was top notch! the dance is amazing despite the modest scenery. ! If you are late for a few minutes. They will no longer be allowed into .. Read more »

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